Wednesday, June 12, 2013

About Me

It has come to my attention that I do not have a specific "About Me" post.  I dare say that most of my readers know me personally, so an about me post would more than likely be redundant.  But for giggles, I shall oblige for the reader who may not have such a privilege. *wink*
I'll even throw in a tidbit about the Mr. too!

About Deidre

I am a normal, nothing out of the ordinary, plain and simple girl. I'm not particularly excellent at anything but enjoy doing and participating in lots of different things. I've come to the self-realization that I am probably one of the coolest nerds ever.  By day, I work at the local University.  Of an evening or on the weekend, I can be found at my church, spin class, shuffling across a 5K finish line, cooking/baking, decorating my little home, reading, clipping coupons, playing Sudoku or doing something equally cheesy and fun.  I told you, I'm a nerd.


About the Mr.
Matt is everything that I am not: athletic, friends with everyone, funny, a beholder of common sense, and a ginger.  He doesn't know a stranger and is always ready to help someone in need.  By day, Matt is in route sales for a distributing company so he’s on the road most all day.  Of an evening or on the weekend, he can be found outside working in the yard, holding down first base on the softball field, losing hitting balls on the golf course or firing up the grill for something delicious.  Although I don't like to give him the big head, he is a good cook; however, a baker, he is not.  Matt lives each day to give me a hard time.   He is completely astounded at my insanely awesome athletic ability. *snort*   
Together we make quite the pair.

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