Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Seriously Decked the Halls

I know I'm a little behind, but I finally uploaded pictures of all of my Christmas decorations.  I am hoping that in the next couple of days I can upload the photos from our actual Christmas festivities, as I might have gone a little over board with the decorations. *oops*

{Front Door "Wreath"}

{Upcycled Sleigh with Yarn Balls}

{JOY on the Bathroom Door...just because, not for any other reason. ha!}

{Merry Christmas banner in the living room}

{Gingerbread House that the Mr and I decorated together.}

{Decoration behind the kitchen sink.}

{Yarn ball finals I created just for a little extra pizazz.}

{Our Christmas Tree}

{My favorite purchase of the year....the stockings...along with glittered monograms.}

{Close Up of Pressed Tin Christmas Ornament }

{Christmas Tree corner, Red Mosaic is an oldie, Peppermint Swirl Tree is a newbie, Ribbon Tree is a newbie creation.}

{Counter decoration.....Definitely the Reason for the Season.  Not that this really matters, but the candle is the Twisted Peppermint candle from Bath & Body Works.....anyone else have it?  Don't you just l.o.v.e. it?  Mmmmm, its my fave!}

{Deck the Halls Kitchen}

{A little decor to dress up the guest bathroom.}

{The First Noel}

{View from the living room into the kitchen.}

{Not the best picture, but I love my wee Nativity.}

{The Holy Family, one of favorite pieces.}

{Dining room...check out who is pulling the sleigh!  I love it...makes me giggle!}

{My favorite printable this year.}

{Final dining room.}

{Outdoor decoration}

{All aglow.}


  1. What a grand job you did. You went all out! Love it. You need to help me this coming fall with some decoration ideas! I always run low on craftyness. We had a office party for Jared's employees this year and I thought my house was pretty, but lacking in some more umph! So you can be my assistant next year! LOL

  2. i use the Spice candle from bath and smells my whole (somewhat tiny) house up in about 10 minutes. i adoooooore it.
    and i agree with Amber.
    you can come decorate my house next year.
    i was thoroughly uninspired this year.

  3. @sourlemon Thank you, Amber. I really didn't spend a lot of money or anything, just things I've collected over the years or already had lying around the house. A lot of crafted this year as well that I hope to use in the future. AND I saw your decorations and they were beautiful! But I'd love to come anytime and help you out!!!!

  4. @Heather McEntire The spice candle smells amazing as well! And I'd love to help you decorate....if you were only a little closer.....hehe BUT I can always help with inspiration from afar! :)


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