Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our First Christmas

This year, Christmas felt as if it came and went in a flash.  Am I the only one who felt that way?

Regardless, this year was exciting as it was our first Christmas as newlyweds.  I loved decorating the house and entertaining various family and friends during the season.

In early December, my parents, sister and BIL came for dinner.  It was my sister and BIL's first time at our house.  It was fun showing them our little home.  We had a great dinner (thank you Hubs for the wonderful burgers and Mom for the yummy baked beans) and conversation.  Lots of laughs to remember. 

That same weekend, the Mr's brother's family came over for a while, as did his parents and younger brother.  My niece and I made cookies *with lots of sprinkles* while we waited for pizza to be delivered.  It was a lot of fun.  However, both events I failed to take any photos.  *oops* 

A friend of ours was very gracious and took our picture for our Christmas cards this year.  I may or may not had to use persuasive tactics to get the Mr to go with me.  ha!  He loathes getting his picture taken.  Overall, it was a quick and simple session and Joey done an amazing job, as usual.  Thank you again, Joey! 

{The Clock Tower in my home town.}

The day before Christmas Eve, I was off work as was my sister.  She and I took a quick trip to Asheville to finish up some shopping.  We had a lot of laughs (some at each other's expense) but nonetheless, it was a fun time.  We usually go on Christmas Eve morning to breakfast somewhere disgustingly greasy (think Huddle House) and then finish up what little shopping we have around town.  Since Christmas Eve was on Saturday this year and we both had plans already, and we're both married now living in two different towns, kinda threw us a little loop, but we managed to get it in.  Even if it was a day earlier than usual. 

On Christmas Eve, the Mr and I went to my parent's house in Franklin, for a Christmas breakfast.  That's one thing, I've always loved about Christmas morning...the breakfast.  Growing up, after we opened Santa gifts, Mom and Dad would fix biscuits, gravy, eggs, and bacon/sausage.  Absolutely delicious!   My youngest sister wasn't able to be home for breakfast, we all missed her as she's usually the one who cracks us up.  Since all of us are grown and don't live at home any longer, the Parents opted to have breakfast on Christmas Eve morning.  It worked well and from the sounds of it, this might be our new family tradition. 

My nephew was uber excited about Christmas.  He and Papa (my dad) had gone to the Dollar Tree and purchased gifts for all of us.  Dad let him pick out the gifts and apparently he took the utmost thought into each item....which makes my heart smile.  For me to say that Lucas was excited about giving our gifts to us would be an understatement.  That child absolutely beamed as he handed out our gifts to us.  After he handed them out, we had to open them one at a time, at which time he would come and sit beside us as we opened them...and he would then wait for a photo op.  Mamaw wrapped his gifts, but he took it upon himself to label each gift.  It was precious.  (I don't know why, but for some reason I didn't get a picture with Lucas and Mom together.  He got her a green water bottle for her to take to work.  According to Dad, Lucas dug to the bottom of the pile until he found a green bottle as that is Mom's favorite color.)

{This is my gift tag.}

{The Mr's gift tag.}

{Lucas in Papa's lap as he opened his handy, dandy new tape measure.}

{Lucas with Aunt Nancy, she received a book light that Lucas showed her exactly how it worked.}

{Lucas with Uncle Brandon.  He received an LED flashlight.}

{Lucas with Uncle Matt Matt.  Before Matt opened his gift, Lucas came to him and whispered in his ear that "he got the same thing as Papa." HA!}

{My dearest Lucas and myself, I received a beautiful Christmas platter.  In his own words, I can "serve fruit on it, crackers, drinks, all kinds of stuff."}

After breakfast and Lucas' gift giving, the Mr and I said our goodbyes and headed to my Mamaw's house.  For as long as I can remember my Dad's side of the family has spent Christmas Eve at Mamaw and Papaw's house.  It was a little sad this year because Papaw passed away in March so it was sad that he wasn't there with us.  But I know he was having a blast celebrating in the PRESENCE of Jesus this year!  The Mr and I had a great visit with Mamaw.  It was nice because we were her first visitors for the day (most arrive late afternoon/night) so we had her all to ourselves.  Its nice to be around when all the family is there but we enjoyed the time with her alone.  

Afterwards we headed home and chilled for the rest of the evening.  I wrapped a few last minute gifts, we had dinner and then we made a Gingerbread House while watching movies.  This was probably my favorite part of the day.   

Christmas morning was fantastic.  The Mr and I got up and we opened our gifts to each other.  We had decided that since we were married this year and we gave each other somewhat expensive gifts for that special occasion, we would scale down a lot this year and just get a couple smaller gifts.  It was perfect.    I will say that it was a little different with just the two of us.  We are so used to being around our parents/siblings on Christmas morning, there is a lot of chatter, wrapping paper throwing, etc.  Being that it was just the two of us, it was peaceful.  I loved it.  {Warning:  the following pictures of us are not at our was early.}

{Excuse the blurriness, the Mr didn't focus before snapping...but its ok!}

{Harry Potter 7 book series....and guess came in a trunk!  I also received an amazing pair of wedge boots WITH ruffles up the side.  So happy!}

{The Mr with one of his gifts.}

{Western Carolina University Under Armour hooded sweatshirt.  He also received a cordless drill but I forgot to take a picture.  He was very pleased.}

After we opened our gifts and I had a cup of coffee, we got dressed and headed to Franklin for church services.  Even growing up I loved when Christmas fell on a Sunday.  There's just something amazing about knowing you are going to worship the One you are celebrating all season long.  We had a wonderful service and I received the best gift ever of a dear friend waiting on me in the parking lot when we arrived. 

When services were over, The Mr and I went to my parent's house for lunch.  I was very glad my mom had made a spiral ham as I snarfed a sandwich down within minutes of walking into the door.  I was starving!  {You should have heard my stomach growling during church!}  We swapped gifts with my parents as we waited on my sisters and their families to arrive.  When Lucas arrived, Christmas was in full swing! 

{Lucas with his Transformers and Lego's from Mr. Sam & Mrs. Michelle...The Mr's parents.}

{Lucas with his helicopter from his "twin" Luke, which is The Mr's little brother.  They are BFFs.}

{My dad putting together a telescope.  It was quite entertaining watching him do this.}

{The Mr is a huge Gators fan.  Lucas looks up to Matt Matt a lot.  A few weeks before Christmas, Lucas asked me if Matt Matt was an alligator fan.  After I realized what he was talking about, I told him that he was.  Lucas said that he was an alligator fan too.  When he opened his gift from us, he immediately stripped down and put the shirt on and jumped in Matt Matt's lap.}

{This picture of my youngest sister makes me laugh.  She has been working with my dad and the winters here can be rather chilly, especially first thing in the morning.  Dad purchased her a pair of coveralls to keep her warm.  She was on cloud 9 in these.  She's hysterical.}

By the time all of this was done at my parents, we realized the time and we had to jet.  We were hosting The Mr's family for Christmas dinner and we knew they all would probably beat us to our house.  We missed going to see my sister-in-law and her family but I'm hoping we can get to their house in the next week or so.  I've missed them the past two Christmas Days, so this year I have a goal to get there regardless!  :0)  But I hear that they all had a fantastic Christmas. 

We had no longer pulled in the driveway when The Mr's family arrived.  I began in the kitchen prepping salad, making rolls and what not.  Matt's younger brother got their niece an Xbox Kinect.  It was immediately plugged up and the games began.  We've never laughed so hard and had so much fun. 

Before we knew it, dinner was ready.  We had an amazing spread of steak, twice baked potatoes, Asian slaw, mixed green salad, crescent rolls, and jalapeno poppers.  My SIL made a fantastic dessert, coconut surprise.  It was delish! 

After dinner was done and cleaned up, we had our gift swap.  The adults draw names on Thanksgiving Day and we purchase a gift for that person.  We're not supposed to tell whose name we got, but someone every year we all know who has who by the time Christmas rolls around.  hehe.  Our niece had received Twister and had never played before so my MIL and I played a couple games with her.  Believe me, its been a few days since I last played Twister and I've got more junk in the trunk since that time as well!  It was fun but I'm not like I used to be!

{Gift swap.  My BIL, SIL, and MIL.}

{Word to the wise, Twister after dinner adds another level of difficulty than imagined.}

{The Mr, the Niece watching BIL play Call of Duty.}

Soon afterwards, the family went their separate ways leaving The Mr and I at home.  In reflection, our first Christmas was wonderful.  We had a grand time with family and friends.  We are blessed beyond measure.  If this year is the slightest glimmer of what's to come, then I am ecstatic to see what is to come!

{I failed to get a picture of us together during the day, so we had to do a self-portrait.  Definitely not at our finest, but hey, its a picture on Christmas Day and that's all that matters.}


  1. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Great post!

  2. Loved the pictures with the Mr. :) Christmas was definitely a blur for us this year...don't tell anyone but we didn't put up one decoration...thats right NO tree. It was hard to put something up when everything else was being packed :)

  3. Great pictures and post Deidre! Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas!

    Callie at Bennett Love

  4. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Your nephew is too adorable! I love how excited he was about giving sweet.


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