Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday - Week #1

I'm kind of excited about this project.  But let this be your warning, you will get to see the best of and the worst of me during this project.  At least it will be interesting, to say the least. 

Without further adeiu, here is my first week:

Embellished Cardigan - Old Navy
EmbellishedTank - Christmas Gift from my sis; Old Navy
Skirt - local boutique, Humanité
Leggings - Walmart
Rosette Boots - Belk (close-up below)
Coral Necklace - super sweet deal (I got it a couple years ago for like $3.00)

It was snowing when I got up, so I opted for something a little more casual for work.
Heels and snow do not mix well.

Pink & White Striped Shirt - Gap
Gray Vest - Old Navy
Jeans - Old Navy
Boots - Timberland (bday gift a couple years ago from Matt)
Scarf - handmade, made and gifted by Mom
Toboggan - North Face, Christmas gift from Matt

Working at Humanité today.

Denim Tunic Dress - Izod from Peebles
Purple Cardigan - Old Navy
Leggings - Walmart
Rosette Boots - Belk
Scarf - local boutique, Humanité
Silver Bangle - Silpada Designs
Coral Cuff - local boutique, Humanité 
(I was trying the cuff on and forgot to remove before I took the picture; 
but I think it adds a little character; maybe I should's 50% off.  Hummmm)

I was trying to layer as much as I could b/c we were on the verge of a winter storm.
Thus, it was very cold outside.
(this also isn't the best picture, but b/c of the dark colors it was hard to see so I had to lighten it which made it look worse, at least I think, but you can see the colors, somewhat.)

Navy Dress w/ Plaid collar - Humanité
Gray Cardigan - Old Navy
Black Leggings - Walmart
Rosette Boots - Belk
Black Scarf (that is thrown over my shoulder) - Gifted and Made by my Mom.


Sunday night we were slammed with about a foot of snow.
Needless to say, I wasn't able to get out to go to work.
So this is what I looked like all day Monday. 
With the exception of when I decided to go for a walk; 
in which I looked like a yetti so that I wouldn't freeze outside..
These are the clothes that you will never see me out in public wearing.
No one should be subjected to this hot mess.
Ugh - look at those thunderous thighs! Barf. (reminder to spend more time in the gym!)

Long Sleeved Shirt - super old from Old Navy
tank - Walmart
Leggings - Walmart
Leg Warmer/Socks - Christmas gift from my nephew, Lucas

It was still pretty bad weather due to the snow storm, so I dressed down for work.

Striped Shirt - Walmart
Gray Vest - Old Navy
Jeans - Old Navy
Boots - Timberlands
Hat - thrift store find (below is a close up of the hat)

Tank - Old Navy, Christmas Gift from my sis
Striped Cardigan - Old Navy
Jean Skirt - Old Navy
Brown Tights - Walmart
Boots - Belk
Scarf - Christmas Gift and Made by my Mom
Hat - Birthday gift and made by my Mom (below is a close up of the hat)

This was fun!  Let's see what I can mix-up new for next week!
(I'm linking with Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy.)


  1. LOVE the WWIW! It's a really cute Idea! I am planning to jump in here soon. It's hard since we don't have a full length mirror and my boys aren't the greatest at taking pictures for me! I will start soon though! Love your outfits by the way....they're adorable!

  2. Welcome! Love the coral necklace!

  3. Aw you are way cute. I am slightly fashion impaired. Also, now I want to go shopping. Hehe.

  4. Very cute! I am not brave enough to do this... also you would see me wearing the same things week after week... although it might inspire me to add a little variety to my wardrobe. I love love love the hat in the last picture. That's awesome that your mom made it... she is very talented!

  5. Love this idea! You would NOT want to see my pictures from the past week - HA maybe that's why I should do it :)

  6. Lots of outfits for a first-timer. I can only manage a few each week. Great job and enjoy the WIWW adventure -- it's addicting! : )

  7. Jenn - Thanks so much! I can't for you to join in on the fun!

    Paige - Thanks for visiting! I'm kinda fond of my coral necklace too. :) hehe

    Holly - I believe I'm fashion impaired as well. I hope this project aids with my disability.

    Amanda - I love my "moma hats." The flower is removeable, so I can add whatever embelishment I want too! And YES you can do it too! Its hard taking pics of yourself, but I wear the same things over and over. So I am hoping this will help me get out of my rut.

    Sarah - Regardless of what you had on you would still be just as beautiful! :)

  8. How cute Dee! I love the first outfit!

  9. I love your crocheted brown hat with the flower! So cute.

  10. You look adorable -Love the skirt and boots
    I love the hat and scarf your mom made -that is a great picture of you

  11. Love your outfits! Totally love love love the skirt in the first outfit! Wish I lived near you to buy one! haha

  12. I really think you did a great job. I chickened out. I didn't do it cause I started to notice that everyday I looked the same, the only thing that changed was my undies. LOL I wasn't about to take pictures of that.


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