Monday, January 17, 2011

Lucky Duck

Friday & Saturday for whatever reasons, I happened to get really lucky.  At least I thought I was lucky!  I was browsing the J. Crew website and happened upon these two beauties.  When I saw the first dress, I really liked it.  When I saw the price I REALLY liked it.  When I saw that I would get it at an additional 40% off I REALLY REALLY LIKED it.  Being that it was only available in the clover color, I knew it would be the perfect Easter dress.  What do you think?
Original Price:  $195
MY PRICE:  $23
SAVED:  $172

This next dress is one that I happened upon on Saturday.  I actually really wanted it in the robin's egg blue, but for whatever reason the website said it was still available but after calling J. Crew, it was only available in white.  So I bought the white one.  I think it will look great this spring/summer.  I'm itching to put some color with it to give it a pop.

Original Price:  $98
MY PRICE:  $12
SAVED:  $86


  1. love it!! the dresses are awesome, and the prices even better! :)

  2. Anonymous7:32 AM

    I wish I could shop like this. I have never been good at shopping for myself or atleast stepping outta my rugged/ slouch box. Love both of them very much and thing you will look amazing in both. you always do!


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