Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

A couple weeks ago, Matt decided that he wanted a real tree in his new house this year.  We went to a local Christmas tree farmer in Franklin and picked out a beautiful Christmas tree.  Then we set it up and decorated it. 

I love white lights, as they match everything and in my opinion are classy looking.  However, Matt loves colored lights.  Being that it's his house and his tree, colored lights it is.  But he got the new LED lights and I must say, although I'm not a huge fan of colored lights, the LED lights are just cool looking. 

The Star on top isn't lighted and its driving me up a wall.  I feel that when you look at the tree, that it just stops.  So I'm trying to figure out a way to line it with lights to make it look good.......We'll see how that turns out. 

Matt has this beautiful rock surround above the stove in the kitchen and I've been itching to decorate it.  In the fall I wanted to hang a fall leaf garland, but I couldn't find what I was looking for....so it didn't happen.   But I was beyond determined to make sure that I figured something out for Christmas.  Last week, I went to Walmart and picked up a strand of pre-lit garland, command hooks, and some ribbon (I didn't have any Christmas-y ribbon in my stash.)  I was able to get the hooks up and then the garland in place.  It needed a little something else and I knew I had a few ornaments left over that I could use.  So I got to work making two ornament clusters for each end of the garland.  Still, it was lacking something in the middle.  I whipped up a quick bow and added a smaller cluster of ornaments and Wha-La! It was complete!  I plugged it in and I must say, that this is probably my most favorite Christmas decor. 

(FYI - I am aware that the right side of the garland looks as if it doesn't have as many lights, but I promise, it does.  I re-fluffed it after I noticed it but haven't taken a new photo yet.) 

These aren't the best photos b/c I took them with my cell phone.  But I will be taking more photos with the camera and will post better photos. 

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  1. love it!
    oh and that rock above the stove is amazing!


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