Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Deck the Halls

These are decorations that Matt & I have put up at his new house.  Matt's always wanted a Christmas tree but really hasn't cared about the other decorations, etc.  But he has never told me not to decorate this or that.  He's pretty cool like that.  I did notice that this year he was a little more proactive in getting a tree, setting up, putting up lights, and doing the little things I usually do myself.  (I think it has a lot to do with the fact that this is his 1st Christmas in his new home and he wanted it to be all decked out for the holidays...although I doubt we could ever get him to admit to that.)  Without further adieu....

Knock, Knock.  My Southern Living at Home Door Bucket welcomes you at the front door.

The rock above the stove in the kitchen has been decked in lighted garland and ornament clusters.

Close up of the ornament clusters that I created to give it a little more ooompf.

Since it snowed all day long Sunday and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get off my mountain and over Cowee mountain, I stayed in Cullowhee so I would be able to get to work.  To pass the time, I baked a lot of cookies and then decorated them.  I had a batch of sugar cookies, oatmeal cookies and chocolate chip cookies.  Lets just say I was exhausted by the time I had finished the last cookie. 

Sampling of my Christmas cookies on a cake stand.

Close up of yummy Christmas cookies.

At the end of the bar in the kitchen you will find a little vignette of Christmas sparkle. 

 Stockings were hung beneath the kitchen bar with care.  (Don't you just love the little monograms?  I found them at Walmart for $1/each.  They call them "Stocking Charms.")

On the TV stand is a little "JOY" with the beautiful brilliant ornaments that I actually keep out all year long (just not in that location.)  Then there are the stupid green ornaments that will forever be a part of my Christmas decorations until I die, click here for the story behind them. 

A different view of the ornaments.

It looks as if Santa has already arrived on Tilley Creek.   I am just shocked that 1) I've actually finished my Christmas shopping!  2) that Matt has actually finished his shopping as well  3)  that Matt wrapped the gifts all by himself!!!!!!  *faint*

Last but not least, is the Christmas Tree, bedazzled in colored LED lights......just for Matt.

For whatever reason, I cannot find the pictures I took of my Nativity Scene (actually, I think that I took them on my film camera, that's right, its film...not digital.  I'm old school like that.)   Anyways, I will retake those photos on my digital and then update yet again.

I want to see your Christmas decorations!  Leave me a comment and I'll go check out your Christmas Spirit!


  1. Love every bit of it!! The stockings are especially cute... and the cookies look AMAZING! yum!

  2. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Great job. Looks real nice!!

  3. Sarah, thank you! Would you believe that out of the 3 batches of cookies I made, I have only eaten two! To beat it all, I made them for no reason other than to bake them. So they are all sitting in the kitchen, staring me down as I walk past. haha

    Amber - Thank you! I love your decorations at your house. its so festive!!!


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