Friday, October 22, 2010

Evening Project

I've been looking for a lamp for Matt's bar at his house.
The overhead cabinets block light from fully shining on the workspace below.  Being that I cherish my fingers and do not want to chop them off due to poor lighting, I decided that a lamp was necessary.

I've been on the hunt for the "perfect" lamp for a couple months.  I never could seem to find one that suits my fancy or my wallet.  That was, until this past Sunday when I sauntered into Goodwill.

I was perusing the houseware items when I happened to see this little lamp hiding behind the bigger lamps.
It was perfect in everyway: size, shape, style, etc.  I knew it was exactly what I was needing.  And the price was even better, $5.

Let me reassure you that I was not into the Elvis lampshade by any means.  (I realize I used to have a huge crush on Elvis at one point in my life, but that does not mean that I am OK with a lamp shade of Elvis' famous trick hip action.)  Anyway, I was looking at the style of the lamp and shade.    Elvis had nothing to do with my purchase.

After I left Goodwill, I went to Walmart where I could pick out a fabric.  I wanted something neutral, but slightly patterned.  I knew it would need to look good in both the kitchen and the living room.  (The bar kinda of a "barrier" between the living room and kitchen.)  Luckily, I found exactly what I was looking for.  I also picked up some embelishments that I thought would come in handy as well.

Upclose and Personal with Elvis

White Fabric "primer" to cover up Elvis when the light shines through.

Almost done with neutral fabric.  Don't you just love this pattern? 

Upclose photo of the new fabric shade. 

AFTER: Buttons along the seam where the fabric meats.  

Upclose picture of buttons. 

BEFORE          &          AFTER

Lamp:                 $5.00
White Fabric:      $0.00 (I already had this on hand.)
Neutral Fabric:    $2.34/yard (and I have left over!)
Buttons:              $0.84
Spray Adhesive:  $3.98 (a little expensive, but I have a lot left over.)
TOTAL:            $12.16

Not bad in my opinion when I would've spent more than that at a any other store for a brand new lamp.  My lamp has character.  No one else will have a lamp like this, and that makes me happy. 

Much better don't you think?


  1. that is AWESOME! I love it!

  2. you will never convince me that Elvis had nothing to do with this purchase. You may have covered him up, but you will always know he is there.

  3. love it.i may borrow this idea someday!thanx!

  4. I have been looking for something like that and you inspired me. I already have the lamp bases but the shades got broken thanks to my sons playing ball in the house. So, now I have an idea for a new lamp shade!!! Thanks for posting!


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