Monday, October 30, 2006

An Arm and a Leg for A Christmas Tree?!?!?

I had a great weekend – I hope that everyone else did as well. Friday night, Matt and I hung out with our dear friends, Mickey and Brian. We pretty much didn't do anything other than eat dinner and watch some tv. I did make apple dumplings which were pretty stinking good, if I say so myself. Saturday morning, I got up early and done a little shopping for things that were needed around the house. As I was out and about, I found the perfect pair of very cute shoes. So, being the shoe person that I am — I bought them, and I absolutely LOVE them. Here they are. Another view. Around 11am, I went with Matt's mom to Hazelwood to do some cloth shopping. Michelle is re-upholstering her couch cushions and wanted to find the perfect fabric. So we headed out to Carver's Cloth Shop. While Michelle and the lady figured out how much yardage she would need, I went wandering around the store looking at the decorations and such they had for Christmas and Fall.
Some of you may know, but this year I am decorating the tree in Matt's apartment in "unique" colors (Turquoise Blue, Fushia, Lime Green, Purple, and Silver.) As I was wandering, I found a section of such colors. I was very excited when I found the perfect silver mirrored ball garland ($6.95 for 9 feet.) Then I became even more excited when I found these cute little fushia and green sequined & sparkly ornaments ($0.95 each.) So, what did I do, I grabbed a couple strands of garland and 8 ornaments (4 of each color.) Here are what they looked like - the pictures do not do them justice though.

I was so proud of my find. I had figured it up in my head that it would be approximately $30 bucks for all of it. I went to the check out and the lady had rang it all up, I just handed her my card (I didn't look to see how much it actually was, I just paid and signed the slip.) The receipt was put in my bag.
Saturday afternoon, Matt and I went to the Cullowhee Fire Department Annual BBQ dinner. A new and dear friend of mine, who is also Matt's co-worker, was singing. Her brother, sister, herself, and her sister's bf have their own quartet. (Humm, dunno if they have a name or not.) But anyways, we went and listen to them sing – and WOW, it was AWESOME! They blend so great with each other. I was sooo proud of all of them, and they lifted up the Lord's name the entire time...and that only made it all the better! KUDOS to Amber and her siblings!
Later on, Matt and I were going out to town to do some running around for a bit. As we were driving down the road, I decided I had better put my receipt (from Carver's) in my wallet so I wouldn't loose it. It wasn't til then that I actually looked at the receipt. You will never believe what I paid for those 10 items that I bought.........$91.49. Holy Hannah!!! WHOA! That's exactly what I was saying. I had a caniption-fit right then and there.
I began a thorough check of my receipt. The garland was correct, so I began looking at the ornaments – they were NOT $0.95 each.....they were definitely $8.95 each. Those little balls should be put in a china cabinet or something – they are fragile at that price! (You can see here, where I had made my error. They are hard to see -- but if you look hard enough you can see it.) The side that I had seen --- it says ".95 each" Yeah this is definitely what the OTHER side looks like. "$ 8"
Then to beat it all — yesterday we were in Walmart wasting time — yeah, Walmart has the EXACT same Christmas ornaments that I had bought at Carvers!!!! They were $1.97 for TWO of them! I was so mad. Matt has not let me live it down yet! I can't believe it! To make a long story short, the ornaments I bought are going back to their home TOMORROW!
Last night the drama team, Collide, performed at our church. It was awesome and the youth couldn't have done a more perfect job. I was so proud of each and every one of them! They even added more stuff in them and made them so much more dramatic than they have been practicing. I was like a parent whose child just received a Terrific Kid award....I was on Cloud Nine.

If anyone would like for Collide to come to your church and perform – let me know, and we'll set a date!

I hope you all had a marvelous weekend and an even better week!

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  1. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Well my friend, donot let matt work on you too hard. I myself being the bargain shopper that I am have also done the same thing. I am however some times too lazy to take it back.
    Well today is Halloween, and I have come to work as a hobo! The costume turned out perfect. If you come by today, you will get an eye full! Hope you both can make it over to Bryson tonight. We will go to the maze around 8:00 to 8:30. If you can't nake it in time to go to the maze just come over we will have dessert! Alright later.


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