Thursday, June 10, 2010

Valentine's Day - 02.14.2010

Alas, the day designated for love.  I don't quite understand this day, but regardless my Valentine's Day was great.

I was able to spend Valentine's with my love, Matt.  We went to a nice afternoon late lunch/early dinner at PF Changs.  I absolutely love that place!  We didn't overindulge and saved room for a mini dessert. 

After we ate we went to the mall for a little bit and picked up a couple things.  I honestly do not remember what I got Matt for Valentine's horrible is that!?!?!? 

But he purchased tickets for me to go see John Mayer in concert.  He was actually trying to find tickets to see Michael Buble (who I have a mini love affair with.  His crooning makes me swoon.)

I totally forgot to take any photographs of Matt and I together on Valentine's Day.  Oops. 

We ended the day by watching a movie on the couch together.


Unfortunately, Matt was unable to go to the concert with me. It was during the week (March 17th) and in Atlanta (Phillips Arena). It was out of the question for Matt to attend with me. Clarissa was able to attend the concert with me.

The day before the concert, I was super sick.  I have no idea what was wrong, but I was completely uncomforable and in pain in the abdominal area.  Luckily for me, I was feeling some better the day of the concert and was able to go.  By the time we arrived in Atlanta, I was feeling pretty crummy, but was excited to see John Mayer.

Clarissa and I took off at lunchtime on St. Patty's day and headed to Atlanta.  We made a couple stops to pick up a few things....of course Atlanta always calls for a shopping trip.  :) 

Clarissa and I at the concert - waiting for it to begin.
John Mayer
I love this photo....I can't believe I captured it!

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