Thursday, June 10, 2010

Matt's 27th Birthday -- 03.05.10

Before I even start…..I know what you are thinking, “she didn’t post anything between January and March.” Although this may be somewhat true, it is somewhat false. If you remember correctly, those three months of my life seemed to be the worst part of 2010 thus far. Check out the post here. Although I’ve skipped some time – those three months were definitely very eventful.

March 5th was Matt’s 27th birthday. I had taken part of the day off because we had planned a cookout and bonfire and I needed to get started on the cooking.

I prepared the hamburgers, the kielbasas, and hotdogs. I made Mom’s famous and delicious baked beans, I grilled onions, peppers & jalapenos for the sausages, and we had some potato chips. I ordered cupcakes from Patty Cakes Bakery as well.

Around 7ish people started arriving. We had a small group of close friends come enjoy the evening with us. It really was a great time.

"Happy Birthday to you.....Happy Birthday to you!"

Matt and I

Gayle, Clarissa, Tabitha, me & Mickey

Old Friends.  Tabitha & Matt

Me and Gayle

Mickey, Matt & Barney

It was so cold outside, but we really enjoyed the warm of the fire and of great friendships.

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