Wednesday, June 9, 2010

365 Project

I know that I am always trying something new, different way too much.  But my friend Malea has introduced me to the 365 Project.  Basically is it a site where you are encouraged to post a picture everyday of something.  Whether you choose to use a theme or to be random. 

I've chose to use mine for the purpose of being random.  I like it.  So far so good.  I try to take a picture each day of either something that is on my mind, something I'm doing, something I saw that day, etc.

Go check it out here...its pretty neato. 

In other news, I promise I've been working on catching up on my regularly scheduled blogs.  I have about 4 ready to post as soon as I get the photos uploaded.  So there will be loads of reading soon!

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  1. I just check out 365 Project - that's really neat!! I think I'm gonna have to try it too :)


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