Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy New Year! (and Happy Birthday Clarissa!)

New Years Eve was a grand time.  A dear friend's (Clarissa) birthday is December 30th.  So she invited several of us to Resturant 553 in Sylva.  We all dressed up, looking all snazzy and went for dinner.  We ended up just getting appetizers b/c the menu was riculously expensive.  But anyway, we all had a blast.   Afterward dinner, we went back to the Ashe home, where we rang in 2010. 

Here are some photos: 

Me, Matt & Hilton
Matt & I in front of the Ashe's Christmas Tree

The Birthday Girl and her Hubs

Clarissa & Matt

Amanda, me, Tabitha, Clarissa & Kelly

Gayle, me, Clarissa, Kelly, Megan, Tabitha & Amanda


  1. Looks like SO much fun!! You look gorgeous, love the picture of you and Matt!

  2. Thanks Sarah, it was a blast! We had a wonderful time.

    (I love that picture of Matt and I too!!)


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