Thursday, September 17, 2009

Decisions, Decisions....

About three weeks ago, Matt decided that he would like to trade in his truck for a Jeep.  By the time the day was over, he had decided that he just as well build a house.....this leads us to this: 

Here you will see some of the exterior pictures of the home.   As of right now, Matt is not going to do the carport.  But he will be adding the deck. 
Below are the plans for the home.  The upstairs won't be finished, but for now, that will be ok.  I love the layout and there are other options that can be added or taken away to make it more customized to meet Matt's needs. 
All in all, it will be very interesting as the process moves forward.  I am hoping to capture each step on camera.  Today, Matt met with the builder at the house site.  Which I might add is WAAAAAAAYYYYY out in the sticks but the view will be worth it all when its said and done.  I hope to get up to the site this weekend to get the "before" pictures.  The builder will be coming back in a few days with the grader and well digger.  Then as soon as the loan is approved and the paperwork is signed, ground breaking can begin. 

Please keep this "next step" in your prayers.  I know it may be viewed as a silly thing to pray for, but I believe that you still MUST look to the Lord for guidance when making big decisions such as this.

I can't help but be a little excited that Matt has given me the priveldge of picking out the interior color schemes and such.  I'm keeping my eyes peeled for some amazing deals!!!  :)


In other news, Matt and I are having a little BBQ dinner on Saturday evening.   Again, I am excited.  I will be making mama's baked beans, cole slaw (anyone have any good recipes?  I don't eat the stuff so I have no idea....), pasta salad, hush puppies, deviled eggs and sis's banana pudding.

I'll try to get pictures of my presentation...I've never had to make so much stuff for one meal...but we'll see how it goes.  It could be VERY interesting! 

Matt will be master of the smoker.  He will be smoking boston butts and ribs.  OOOOOOH yum.

I have some photos from last Saturday when I went with our TeamKids from church to Fields of the Wood in Hiawassee Dam, NC.  I can honestly say that I had a blast and I had a little rendevous with the Lord while at the Place of Prayer.  It was AW-SOME! 

I was so overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit that silent tears were streaming down my face.  I will definitely post about my experience as soon as I am able to download the photos.  Which will hopefully be this weekend.


I wil leave you with a couple things that I enjoyed about today:

1) I went to the County Fair and had a good time looking, visiting, and checking out the local talent.
2)  Lucas told us that he saw God at church, and he colored him green. (he colored a coloring sheet during children's church)
3) I enoyed a delicious Grilled Apple Butter Sandwich and it made my day, er night.
4) The smell of fall is lingering everywhere and I am dumping pumped about it!


  1. This was a fun post! The house is nice. I like it. I kept thinking that the pictures on your site was Matt's house...already in place and thinking, "wow...what pretty land" then I was reminded that this is just the model.'s nice and have a good time at your dinner.

  2. Anonymous9:49 AM

    So is it in Cullowhee? I want to be neighbors soon!


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