Friday, October 13, 2006

Karen Peck & New River

So last Thursday night at church, Windy Gap Baptist, we had a "singing". Karen Peck and New River was the entertainment. I tell you what, it was the best I have ever heard. Karen and her group were completely amazing. Our church choir sang a few songs to give Karen a break about half way through. I had a solo part and I was very worried about it b/c thanks to the change in weather I've got this crazy allergy crap going on. But anyways, it didn't turn out too bad. To end the night, Karen had the choir come back up and then as I was going back to my spot, she asked me to stay down on the stage. I got to SING with Karen Peck & New River. It was so cool! But what was truly amazing was when it was all said and done. Karen and her group were at the front of the church at their sales table. It was about 25 minutes after the singing and most of the people had went home except a handful. As I was stanging outside, I was waiting on my sis, the pastor's wife got my attention and asked that I come with her. As I walked back into the church, Karen met me with open arms and gave me a hug as she said a quick prayer with me. She also found Nancy and done the same with her. Apparently the pastor's wife had informed her of our brother's death. Karen was so sincere and prayed with the two of us (individually & together). She said that she knows how we feel and what we are going through and she will keep us in her prayers. As a parting gift she gave Nancy and I three cds. Karen Peck & New River are AWESOME. They love the Lord and it is so obvious. She is a woman of God and she isn't afraid to stand up for her beliefs and shout it from the mountain top. I really needed that, to be brought closer to the Lord, but most of all to be reminded that God will not put anymore on His children than what He knows they can handle. Also, He will never leave or forsaken us. Karen Peck is my new Friend!

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  1. Anonymous10:10 AM

    I have to say,,, Your testimony is so great. What you wrote was just what I needed to read. I really wanted to come to that after Matt had called an told me. But I live in Bryson City and it would have taken forever to get there. But please, please, please, let me know whenever there is another singer going to be there. I did not know that you sing? That is awesome cause my Brother, Sis, and I are in a quartett. That dark headed girl with all the hair that was in my wedding is in it too. Infact we are singing in Canton at some church tonight. I would just love to hear you sing sometime. I would also like to come and see the church that you and Matt speak so highly about. You have already blessed me this morning. So I guess thank you is in order. I can see that we are going to get along just splendly. Talk later, write a note when you can and I'll do the same. Peace out with your bad self,,,,,,,, heeee heee


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