Monday, November 16, 2015

This Table

I have thought a lot about this table the past couple of days. It may look like any other old table you may find in a barn, shed or construction site. 

You see, growing up this table was a source of income for my family. Over the past 25+ years, this table has gone from job to job with my Daddy as he has created unique rock fireplaces, hearths, walls, ledges, walkways, mailboxes, etc. for his customers. This table is where Daddy chiseled on a rock so that it ...had the desired look to fit into the space he needed it to go. This table was a means by which my dad could provide for his family. When my brother was old enough, he followed in Dad’s footsteps and this table became a source of income for his family too. David would use this table to create the same type of masterpieces that he learned from watching dad all those years. While I was in high school, I worked in the summer with my dad and brother. I remember seeing this table at any of the rock job-sites. I spent a lot of time carrying rock and sweeping up those gibbled pieces of rock that Daddy and David had chiseled off. After David’s death, the table made its way back to daddy who still uses it to provide for his family. 

Currently, this table is sitting in my soon-to-be living room. Monday evening I walked into the house to check the progress and I saw this table. I was flooded with emotion and tears immediately began to fall. I was reminded of David, it was as if I could see him standing beside the table, chisel in one hand and hammer in the other and a goofy smile on his face. I was reminded of my summers spent working with Holland Masonry. I was reminded of how much my daddy loves his family. This table, like my daddy, has stood the test of time. Although it may be tattered, beat up, and a little wobbly, it is still strong, usable, and serves a purpose. I am so blessed to have a Daddy who can create such amazing works of art. I am so blessed that my parents raised us up to trust in the Lord, to be an example to those around us, and to have a servant’s heart. To me, this table represents so much more than just a work space. It represents my Dad who has worked long hard hours to provide for his family. It represents my brother, who was the second generation and was eager to learn and grow the business. It represents my family who reaped the benefits of the work done on this table.

I never would have thought a table would have provoked such emotion or thought as it has this week but I am glad that this table reminded me of the countless blessings in my life.

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