Monday, December 3, 2012

December Photo A Day (Days 1-3)

Since I have neglected to keep up with my blogging this year, I decided to join Chantelle of Fat Mum Slim for her December: Photo A Day Challenge. 
I've posted my photos on Instagram, but haven't posted on my blog yet.  So here goes....
Day 1:  8 o'clock.  Take a photo at whatever you're doing at 8am or 8pm.
At 8pm, I was at a dinner theater program, The Gift, presented by a local church.  It was absolutely wonderful and a great way to kick start the Christmas season, as Jesus is the only reason for the season.  The picture I took was of the little note that was on my napkin when I arrived.
Day 2: Peace.  What does peace look like for you? Or take a photo of a peace sign.
I took a picture of part of the lighted garland beneath my counter.  The counter is nearest to the chaise lounge that I generally take my perch.  I was reading a book last night and it was so peaceful and relaxing to see the softness of the lights. 
Day 3: Something you held.  A child, your phone, a gift, a shopping bag, anything!
My photo is a picture of my hand on my husband's leg as we were lounging on the couch together watching Monday night football.  Personally, I could care less about the NFL, but the Mr loves it and I love spending time with him; therefore, I watch it with him. 
Tomorrow's prompt:  Black & White.

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