Friday, September 28, 2012


My parents left last week for a mission trip in Vermont & Maine.  In their absence, the Mr and I kept our nephew, Lucas, for the weekend.  However, this wasn't just any weekend, it was his 7th birthday weekend.

Let me back up by saying first, that when the situation involves my house and Lucas, I no longer exist.  I am simply the person who makes him behave resulting in my being a stick-in-the-mud.  The Mr., his brother and my in-laws are his absolute favorite. 

From the moment he arrived on Tilley Creek, he was wide open.  He couldn't wait to see Matt Matt, Luke, Mr. Sammy & Mrs. Michelle.  He also was very concerned as to when he was going to be able to open his birthday present(s).  He talked of what his hoped his gift would be, how cool he knew it was going to be, and how he couldn't wait to open his presents.  He was one anxious child.

Saturday morning arrived all too early, as I was woken by a tap on my shoulder, "Deej, is it time to get up?"  We got up and I had to send the Mr to the store to pick up icing for the birthday cake and to get Lucas' birthday present.  While he was gone, I began working on Lucas' birthday breakfast, french toast.

Matt finally got back home and Lucas was able to open his present.  Out the door Lucas flew as fast as he possibly could.

*A fierce Shark helmet.*

*Look at that face!  He's trying real hard to get the wrapping off.*
*A BMX bike and a Shark helmet for a Big 7 year old boy!*

Lucas had a special present from Papa.  It was a collector's edition John Deere knife.  He kept saying how awesome that it was a John Deere knife.  Papa made his day!

After he opened his bike and rode it up and down the driveway and through the garden, oh, some gazillion times, he came inside for his French Toast Breakfast.  Birthday candle included.   

He literately snarfed his breakfast down and then back outside he went.  While he and the Mr went fishing, rode bikes, and played with the dogs, I finished icing the birthday cake.

After getting showers, we went to our niece's soccer game.  Afterwards the game, Lucas & Alannah piled into the truck and headed to Asheville to the WNC Nature Center.  I had never been to the Nature Center and I had a blast.  The only animal that we didn't get to see was the Bobcat.  It was hiding really well. 

*Black Bear*

*Three Stinkers and a random kid*

*Mountain Lion*

After the Nature Center we headed to the mall so the kiddos could jump on the trampoline thing. They had a blast! Once the jumping and dinner were over, it was time to head home.  Although this time, Alannah was coming back home with us for a sleep over along with Lucas.  The two of them were thrilled. 

We arrived home and Lucas and Alannah had us all in stitches laughing at their antics. 

*Got any cheese?*
We turned off all the lights, lit the birthday candles and sang Happy Birthday to Lucas.  He was beaming from ear to ear, it blessed my heart. 

*Happy Birthday, dear Lucas*
Happy 7th Birthday, Lucas.  I hope that it was all that you wished it would be!  XoXo.

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  1. How handsome- can't believe he is already 7! That is an amazing cake! So cute!


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