Thursday, November 10, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I'm not kidding when I've received a lot of blessings lately, especially over the last two three weeks! 

Last week, Jessica @ Allora Handmade hosted a birthday giveaway.   I have been following Jessica over the past year or so and I LOVE her products and her sweet heart.  I entered the giveaway and I received an email today that I won!  YAY!  Super excited!  This is what I won, I love the yellow flower dangley!

Photo courtesy of Crystal B
Follow the link above to see her amazingly cute etsy shop.  You can also check out her blog:  Crystal B Then & Now.

I can't believe I actually was randomly chosen for a give away!  Now....if I can just get a Kitchen Aid Mixer from the Pioneer Woman......

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  1. Winning is fun! I love the bracelet. Very cute!
    As for winning a Kitchen Aid Mixer ... I'm running that race too. I keep thinking, Maybe someday, maybe someday, maybe someday ...


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