Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tip du Jour

Tip #4

I know that we're about 4 days into spring and the chance of snow is pretty much over...but it could happen.
This is more of a tip for the next big snowfall.
This is my tip:

When you decide to go sledding after the snow has frozen over
and you chose to use an old, rusty, vintage Coco-Cola sign
*think Clark Griswold on Christmas Vacation minus the greasing action*

And you can't get stopped and you're afraid to bail because of the rusty edges and
all you can think about is getting tetanus.

Yep, this is what your face will look like as well.

Do not be like me and let fate lead you wherever it decides.
Take it from me BAIL, JUMP, whatever you need to do.
Otherwise, your fate will be like mine and lead you straight into the side of the....

...and you will crumple like Vince & Larry the Crash Dummies as you plow into the house
bruising your body, head to toe.

Again, just bail!
(If you would like to read about my unfortunate sledding event, see this post.)

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  1. This is the most histarical thing! I wish oh-so badly I could have been there. I laugh just imagining it! Thanks for reminding me of your misfortune.


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