Saturday, March 12, 2011


I need help in choosing a necklace to wear with my Easter Dress.
Well for that matter,
I guess I need help in choosing which dress to wear as
my Easter Dress!

Dress #1
(This is the initial dress, which is really cute and has a little more "class")

Dress #2
(This was just a 'purchase' because of the cheapo price, but it is super cute but casual.)

Necklace #1
(Humanité Brittney Neutral Necklace - shades of blue, green and grey)

Necklace #2
(Humanité Jill Multi Necklace - yellow, coral, orange, purple and turquoise)

Necklace #3
(Allora Handmade Modern Pearl Rosette Statement Necklace - with this necklace I can choose from several different colors)

Necklace #4
(Funky Vintage Kitchen Mum or Rose Necklaces, various colors)

I need your opinion!

Which dress should I wear for Easter?

Which necklace should I wear with said dress?


  1. I pick dress number 2 and the The last necklace. But I also like the one with the multipul roses on it. Just me.. Will you be wearing a sweater with it?

  2. S. Allen11:24 AM

    Dress #1 for Easter (I think the other is too "sexy" for Easter, even with a sweater or jacket, but I'm old so who knows?!) I like jewelry #1 with that dress for Easter. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the jewelry, though. I really need to check Humanité out one of these days!

  3. Personally, I think you should go for Dress #2 with a pastel mini cardigan and Necklace #1. Regardless of which dress you go with, I think the pale springy colors anchored in the metals of Necklace #2 are perfect for Easter. The others are certainly bright and fun, but may be a little better for Spring instead of just for Easter. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  4. Anonymous4:09 PM

    My vote is for Dress #1 it just looks like Easter. However dress #2 is super cute and girly but for Easter my vote is for dress #1.

  5. I like dress 2 with the Allora necklace! (I would choose pink or turq... I've been itching to order one of those!!!) I do think it would probably need a cardigan.. of course in Texas I've had Easters where its snowed! Def puts a damper on your cute Easter outfit!! :)

    Either way, I'm sure they'll both look great!

  6. It seems as far as comments, yall are just as torn as I am with what to wear. However, I know I have over a month to decide...and let's not even get started on SHOES! Oy!

    To answer some of your questions, undoubtly I will be wearing a cardi over either one. I freeze in the heat of summer, so you can bet I'll have a cardi on. (speaking of which, i need to find one of those too!)

    Thank you all for your sweet comments! I shall be pondering and will reveal the "chosen" one after Easter. :)

  7. @sourlemon
    Yes Amber, I will be wearing a cardi. But it depends on the dress that depends on the color of cardi I get.


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