Friday, February 11, 2011

This Blog Needs Organization!

I've been trying to write this post for the past month or so! I’ll work on it a little bit here and there, I’ll save it and come back to it later. Seems I’ve been doing this for an eternity. I’ve made it a point that I will complete this post TODAY!


Since beginning the “What I Wore Wednesday” postings, I’ve been pondering the idea that my blog needs to be a little more organized in the way of my posting for other days of the week. I hope that it will help me to make my posting a priority, of sorts, and will aide in keeping my readers (all three of you, haha) interested. I am striving to be more deliberate in my posting. I like the fact that on Wednesday, I know what I will be posting. I want to know what I will be posting on other days of the week as well.

With that being said, I’ve created a rough draft of my what topic I will discuss each day. It’s really not an “each day” kind of thing, its more of a majority-of-the-week kind of schedule. I am hoping that I will one day develop my blog into a daily posting, but for now, let’s be satisfied with the majority-of-the-week postings.

Most of my readers know me personally and may know that I can be an emotional person. I use that word loosely because although I give the impression that I am in control of my emotions, I can very easily have a “moment” for myself. Which is usually how I prefer to roll with my emotions and public displays of emotion (i.e., crying and pitchin’ a fit.)

I reckon that for lack of a better word, I can be described as passionate. At least that is how I would describe myself, if someone were to ask. I want to be a passionate person. I’m not talking about the lovie-dovie passion, but passion for the people and things in my life. For example, passion in my daily walk with Christ and showing Him through all that I do, passion for my job, passion for my hobbies, passion for my family, passion for My Sunshine, passion for the little things that life throws at me, good or bad (because remember we are to praise God in good times and bad, so I should to be passionate in good times and bad.)

OK, getting back on track….my schedule of weekly posts is as follows:

Schmaltzy Sunday

What is schmaltzy, you ask?
Schmaltzy is defined as: "(Origin: Yiddish) of, pertaining to, or characterized by schmaltz. Overly emotional. Cheesy sentiment, grandiose passion usually accompanied by effusive or overly-demonstrative gesticulations.  Superlative combination of sincerity and sentimentality. Abundance of enthusiasm or excitement."   [This particular definition from Urban Dictionary stated exactly what I was going for…word for word. I love it! I was sold at “cheesy sentiment.”]

What am I going to post about on Schmaltzy Sundays?
I will be writing with cheesy sentiment and an abundance of enthusiasm about a particular person, place, or thing that means a whole-heck-of-a-bunch to me; and how that person, place or thing has impacted my life. Layman’s Terms: I’m going to gush with sweet niceties that will probably make you want to vomit. (Take note:  that at any time it could possibly be about you…and then you’ll appreciate my gushings.)

Tip du jour Tuesday

What is Tip du jour, you ask?
Tip du jour, is a fancy way to say "Tip of the Day". Who would’ve thought it would be anything but?!

What am I going to post about on Tip du jour Tuesdays?
Not that I’m full of tips or am in any way qualified to speak a word of advise to anyone. Alas, this is my blog and I shall give a tip when I believe a tip be necessary. Normally any tip I offer, will more than likely be a lesson learned the hard way. Whether it be a common sense tip *Shhhh! I heard you chuckle*, a driving tip *stop laughing*, an organization tip, a cooking tip *again, stop laughing.* Believe me when I say, that my Tip du jour shall come to you from my heart, and more than likely, with a “stupid story” behind it, starring Yours Truly.

What I Wore Wednesday (aka, WIWW)

What is WIWW, you ask?
WIWW was founded by Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy. (To see more on detail on this read my post here.)

What am I going to post about on What I Wore Wednesdays?
I’ve decided that I, too, should put a little more thought and effort into my wardrobe. Especially considering that I wear the same outfits or combinations over and over and over. Its very lackluster. I need to do something to spice up my wardrobe. Each Wednesday I will post photos of what I wore for the week in an attempt to help me find new ways to wear old clothes. By doing this little project:
*I will feel better about myself.
*I will be able to see the areas I need to work on.
*I will be able to see where my hard work of working out is paying off!

Skidumpdump Saturdays

What is Skidumpdump, you ask?
Skidumpdump is defined as: "nonsensical talk randomblings."  [definition from Urban Dictionary, again stated exactly what I was going for in my unique wordage for this blog.]

What is a randombling?
Randombling is defined as: "a combination of the word random and rambling. May be used as a noun or a verb. Occasionally used to categorize random musing that do not deal with a specific subject."  [definition from Urban Dictionary, again stated exactly what I was going for in my unique wordage for this blog.]

What am I going to post about on Skidumpdump Saturdays?
I will write with “nonsensical talk randomblings” about things I’ve heard, tried, learned, etc. There will not be any rhyme or reason to these postings. It may be something funny, it may be something sad, it may be something educational (HA!) who knows? The sky is the limit! If there is a particular something/topic you would like for me to touch base on, please feel free to let me know. I’m open to suggestions and will respond to them as best I can.  [Disclaimer: again, this is my blog, therefore I am entitled to my thoughts and opinions. I will not push my thoughts, opinions, or moralities onto you, but I will speak of them freely. If you don’t like, I’m sorry, but I will not apologize for my beliefs. To each is own.]

This is going to be interesting to say the least.


  1. I love it!! Looking forward to this... especially the "nonsensical talk randomblings" :)

  2. Anonymous8:16 AM

    I also look forward to this!


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