Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tip du jour

Tip #2

Always make sure the lid to your washing machine is CLOSED!

As a senior in college, I had my grandma's old school washing machine and dryer in my apartment.  It was definitely a blessing that I didn't have to go to the laundry mat, or go to campus and use one of the dorms laundry rooms.  But considering the fact that the washing machine was as ancient as it was....it lacked some of the conveniences of the newer models. 

The one main convenience that it was lacking was that regardless of whether or not the lid was closed, it would still start its cycle as soon as it is full.

One particular day, I had started my washing machine.  I put in my detergent, started the water and ran upstairs to get my load of laundry.  However, I got slightly sidetracked and about 20-30 minutes later I finally made it back downstairs with my load of laundry. 

Ummmm, it was bubbly mess!  Soap suds were everywhere!  It covered the floor of my kitchen.   I did stress out a little because I had no idea what to do to get the suds out of the kitchen.  I ended up sweeping them outside my back door onto the porch.  Apparently, I hadn't shut the washer lid, in its old school-ness, the machine began churning without clothes.  The suds weren't contained inside the washer by the lid so they decided to move on up and out of the basin.

I've learned my lesson and luckily for me technology has advanced so that now a washer won't churn until the lid is closed.  I would have loved that technology that bubbly day in east TN. 

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  1. That is awesome :) What a fun memory :D


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