Thursday, February 24, 2011

Adventures of Pumpkinhead, Ruby Begonia, Skunktoe & Bug

The Adventures
PunkinHead, Ruby Begonia
SkunkToe & Bug

     Once upon a time in a land of towering mountains and rolling hills, begins a spectacular story starring a brood of four, namely: PunkinHead, Ruby Begonia, SkunkToe and Bug.  Let me take a moment to introduce you to each of of these kiddos.

     PunkinHead is the eldest. He is an outdoors man, a hunter, a lover of good food, and a seeker of wild and crazy fun.  He is a kind-hearted fellow who enjoys helping others.  He despises school and loathes green beans with a passion.  He’s smart, but more so in the common sense area than the book-smart area.  He’s never in a hurry and prefers to ride in the slow lane of life.  He loves his younger sisters, but welcomes any moment to torture and embarrass them to no end. 

     Ruby Begonia is the next in chronological age, but the eldest girl.  Ruby Begonia likes all things girly, ruffly, and pretty.  However, she isn’t afraid to get dirty, well, sometimes but only when absolutely necessary and only if she’s not dressed in her good clothes.  She is the opposite of PunkinHead in that she has book smarts but lacks common sense.  She also tends to be shy in new situations and meeting new people.  If you ask her siblings they would say she is “bossy.”  They don’t understand that just because she follows rules and she doesn’t like to see her siblings get in trouble (and will remind them to do what they were asked), does not constitute her as being bossy.  She’s responsible.  She’s a protector of her siblings.  

     SkunkToe is a spitfire.  She has a heart of gold, but will be the first to set you straight if acting out of line.  She loves to talk and sometimes is inclined to be a tidbit nosey; both of which tends to get her in a lot of messes.  She loves to learn and enjoys teaching others.  She lives to play softball and likes to get dirty regardless of whether she is in her good or bad clothes.  She loves to sing, even make up her own songs which she proudly belts at the top of her lungs.  She loves to write and then read the story/poem to anyone willing to listen.  She’s always trying on a new hobby for size.  She’s dramatic.  She’s emotional.  She may be petite in stature, but her larger-than-life personality picks up the slack.

     Last, but definitely not the least, is Bug.  Although she’s the baby of the brood, she is tall, lanky and has a head of dirty-blond hair.  She loves animals (especially dogs and horses.)  She's a friendly girl and has never met a stranger.  She is artsy and has an imagination that is out of this world.  She laughs and cracks jokes all the time. She loves cartoons, coffee and hanging aluminum foil on her wall.  She also loves to wave at her janitor anytime she may (or may not) see him/her.  Like her oldest sister, Ruby Begonia, Bug plays the piano beautifully where she can read music and play by ear.  She is borderline tomboy.  She enjoys going squirrel hunting with PunkinHead and getting as dirty as humanly possible.

     While these kids take pleasure in aggravating and making fun of each other at the end of the day they love one another unconditionally.  These four have had their fights, jokes, moments of camaraderie and individuality, mishaps and misfortunes all of which will be chronicled right here on What a Wonderful World.  Please stay tuned to learn more about this unique family as their childhood (and some adulthood) is displayed for all the world to see.

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  1. Susan Allen3:03 PM

    How you must miss Punkinhead; he was a good, kind soul, and you've described him perfectly. He was one of my all time favorite students/people.


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