Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Camping Trip - May, 2010

On a random Friday in early May, Mickey and I decided that we would go camping.  We just got a wild hair and made plans to go to Jack Rabbit Campground for the night. 

When I told Matt of our plans he couldn't quit laughing.  He thought it was rather funny that I was going to go camping.  I don't know what he was thinking, but I grew up camping...and yes that meant staying in a tent sometimes too!  (He thinks I'm super prissy and girly.) 

Anyway, between the two of us, we packed clothes, blankets, chairs, tiki torches, grilling accessories, dinner items, breakfast items, biscuit roasters, the ov-glove, cooler, radio and firewood.  And over the mountain we went. 

We arrived at the gate of Jackrabbit when we realized that they were not open!  I was so aggravated.  It was so not funny.  But we went to another campground that had only 1 open site...and we got it!  We set up our camp and got the fire going first. 

I have a slight confession to make here....Mickey and I had EVERY INTENTION to sleep in a tent. However, she couldn't find her daddy's tent and it only made sense that if we were going to spend $50 on a tent, we just as well stay the night in a hotel. So...we set up camp in the back of Mickey's Tahoe. We put the seats down and had the perfect little bed in the back. We left the windows down and the hatch it was just like sleeping in a tent.

Then came the hotdog roasting.  Mickey had the coolest hot dog roller!  It rocked. I want one for Christmas. 

Mickey perfectly roasting the weiners.  (Check out the awesome ov-glove.)

After we cleanned up our dinner mess, we sat in our chairs around the fire.  It was great fun sitting there swapping stories, laughing hysterically, enjoying each other's company and listening to the radio.  The crickets and frogs were so peaceful.  I think that was probably the best sleep ever.  Then we enjoyed some fresh-made smores. 

Apparently the campground we stayed in was full of super early birds. Because when we rolled out the back at 8:00ish, all our camping neighbors were finishing up their breakfasts.  After we got our fire going again, we prepared our biscuit roasting sticks.  Basically what you do is wrap a canned biscuit around the end, cap it off, then "bake" it over the fire.  When its done, you put butter and/or jelly inside of it.  I've done this several times before and it is fantastic!  However, our butter-me-nots were slipping on the stainless steel...they kept sliding off when the butter melted.  After a couple of our biscuits fell into the flames, we decided it best to just put them in the cast iron skillet.  To be honest, they were probably the best canned biscuits that I've ever had in my life.   I highly recommend everyone trying a fried canned biscuit with butter and jelly.  YUMMY!

Roasting biscuits.

Poor had such potential.

On to Plan B

Check out this Pink truck.  And it belonged to a MAN!

After we packed up camp.  We decided to go check out the Ranger Flea Market in Murphy.  I always loved going there as a kid when we camped.  We didn't get to stay long because it was a little later in the day.  But I found some great treasures and happened upon an awesome little store that has tons of Coke Cola and Pepsi items.  (Mom and Matt would've both been in soda pop heaven waging war over which manufacturer is the best.)

We then decided that we watned to find an IHOP for dinner.  Random, I know.  We knew there was one in Buford and decided to head that way by way of Murphy.  We ended up finding one in Elijay, GA.  Since we had no where else to be and weren't in any hurry, we chose to continue towards Atlanta then make our way back home through Clayton.  Ended up we found a shortcut that took us through Dawsonville and Gainesville.  We stopped and shpped at Old Navy and then headed on home. 

It was the most fun I've had in a long time and it was a blast not having an agenda or schedule.  We just followed the road. 

As my moma always says:  "All roads lead home."  Our road home just consisted of a 250 mile circle.


  1. WOW....impressive you both are hardcore pioneer women!

  2. Okay, so I know that we grew up camping, however, I really wouldn't say that you would be the one that would go ON YOUR OWN! I'm a little impressed and a lot humored :)

  3. Clarissa - It was a blast. You should come with us next time! You would love it!

    Nancy - I loved camping as a child and still do. I just hate that I don't have all the necessary camping essentials. But I think that will be some items I put on my christmas list. haha We had a blast and IT WAS MY IDEA TO GO! haha


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