Thursday, June 17, 2010

April Showers bring May Graduations?

On Friday May 7, 2010, Matt's sister-in-law, Kristy, graduated from WCU as a Family Nurse Practicioner. 

Kristy has worked so hard over the last couple of years.  Not only has she been a full time student, she has successfully juggled being a loving wife, a devoted mother, and working part time at the hospital. 

I am so very proud of Kristy and her accomplishments.  She graduated with honors and was at the top of her class.  She also received highest remarks from not just one but all of her supervising doctors!  Way to go Kristy!  I know that Sylva Peds will be happy to have you on board!!

(I will add here, that at this very moment Michael, Kristy and Alannah are enjoying a much needed vacation in Hawaii!  I hope you have a blast.  Love you guys!) 


On Saturday May 8, 2010, my sister, Nancy, graduated from WCU with a bachelors in Elementary Education. 

Nancy worked very hard over the last couple of years as well to get to this point.  Newly married, she quit her full time job at the bank to go back to school full time.  She would work parttime as a waitress and at the SM Center for the Performing Arts.  Nancy worked very hard and was able to graduate with honors.  (She is proud of her cords, I think she might have even slept in them.  hehe.)

Through prayer, devotion and dedication Nancy achieved her goal. 

It seemed as if the entire family showed up for the festivities.  My parents and Lucas, Natasha & McKenzie, Brandon, his parents, Brandon's bro Nathaniel and his family, and his other brother's wife all were there.  She had a HUGE cheering section.  The kids especially loved yelling her name and waving their arms frantically for her to see them.

Later in the evening, Brandon organized a cookout in honor of Nancy and her achievments. Lots of family and friends showed up to help Nancy celebrate.  We had a great time.

Congratulations Nancy on all your hard work. You worked very hard and met your goal. I am very proud of you and I know that everyone else is as well.

(You can check out Nancy's blogs about graduation to see photos by clicking here and here.  I am a slacker and haven't uploaded any of mine yet.) 


On Thursday May 20th, my niece, McKenzie, "graduated" from PreSchool.  I wasn't able to make it to McKenzie's pre-school graduation, but Nancy has blogged about it. I wanted everyone to be able to check out my little pumpkin, so you may see her blog by clicking: McKenzie's Pre-School Graduation by Nancy Breedlove.


  1. Um...I sorta feel like you are piggy-backing my blogs...:) What is this, I post the pictures for my blog and yours?
    Ha. Love you.

  2. Although I may be "piggy-backing" your blogs....but some of the photos you used in your blog are photos that I took. haha I had made a CD of photos for Natasha. Since I don't have them uploaded on my computer yet, I figured it would be OK for me to use the photos that you used, but that I took. :0) (Except for McK's graduation....I wasn't in attendance.)

    Haha Love you!

  3. SO many graduations, so little time! Good times :)


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