Monday, March 22, 2010

NYC ~ Part 4

Wednesday morning we were up early to get showers and finish packing.  We were downstairs in the lobby within an hour-ish.  Not too bad for 4 women, huh?  We left our luggage with the concierge and headed out to our final destinations before we had to leave the city.   Unfortunately for us, Mother Nature had decided to let a little liquid sunshine fall for the majority of the day.....

Do we look exhausted or what?

Hoods drawn and pant-legs rolled up, Kellye and I decided that we would start by taking the train to Chinatown and Little Italy.  We arrived in Chinatown and I can say that I felt very weird, very uncomfortable, very out of place.   We hadn't eatten breakfast and we were getting hungry, so we were trying to find something that would satisfy our hunger.  But walking by meat markets and fresh fish markets early in the morning is very unappetizing.  We made a turn down a different road and wah-lah...we're in Little Italy.  (I never realized that they were so close in proximity...literally just around the corner.)

Look closely at the right bottom side of this picture.  There is a pig hung upside down being flayed or whatever you do to them.  N.A.S.T.Y.  It was more than my stomach could handle at 10am. And then all the rotisserie foul hanging on display.  Gag. 
A photo to remind us where we started....

Yay Pepsi!  Matt said he would hate to have this guys route.

After wandering around Little Italy looking for a place to grab something for breakfast, we had decided that italians must not eat breakfast.  But lucky for us, at least we thought, a local asked what we were looking for and we told him breakfast.  He pointed us in the direction of Caffe Napoli, stating they had fabulous pastries.  We walked across the street and went inside.  It felt really good to be out of the cold rain.  The atmosphere and the staff were all wonderful.  However, when we received our menus, there wasn't anything breakfast or pastry on it!  So, we ordered off the lunch 10:45am.  hahaha.  But hungry southern girls must eat regardless of what it is. 

Caffe Napoli

Our breakfast of  Chicken Parmigiana & Cheese Manicotti

After eating, we headed to the subway and took the train to Hearld Square.  I had three letters to Santa that I had to deliver to Macy's.  Before I left home, my nephew, Lucas, nieces, McKenzie & Alannah, all wrote letters to Santa.  I told them that I would take them to the big red Santa Mail box in Macy's for them.  As you all probably already know, Macy's Believe donated $1 for every letter that they received to the Make-a-Wish Foundation.  The mailbox was huge and it was filled...I literally had to shove the letters into the hole. 

Here I am with Lucas, McKenzie & Alannah's letter to Santa.

Now we were onto our next mission while inside Macy's:  Sitting on Santa's lap.  I don't care if I was 27 years old at the time, I was not going to miss my opportunity to see Santa at Macy's.  Everyone who goes to NYC during the holidays should do it.  It is a blast!  Santa's Workshop was located on like the 10th floor or something like that.  We took the escalator to the top, the ones closer to the top were the original wood escelators.  They were pretty sweet and made me wonder how many people they've carried over the years.....

Original Wood Escelators

Finally we made it like the 10th floor, if not higher, to the entrance of Santa's Workshop.  You walk through a train car into the Wonderland.  Immediately you feel as if you've stepped into the North Pole.  Inside was so awesome.  There were so many scenes to see.  Toys.  Elves.  Trains.  Snow.  Children.  As far as you could see.  Kellye and I wandered down the winding path until we came across the North Pole Village where we were greeted by a Elf who took us on a snowy path lined with snow tipped firs.  There was a little house we entered and there he was, in all of his jolliness, sitting on a big chair.  We had our photo made with Santa, and although he did not ask me what I wanted for Christmas, I told him anyway.  (I can't tell what it is, because it is our secret.)

Entrance to Santa's Wonderland

After Macy's we caught the train and went to Central Park.  We wanted to see the Gapstow Bridge and Kellye wanted to do some shopping on 5th Avenue.  We went through all the designer stores and department stores one last time.  Most of the stores were closed or were in the process of closing when we were on 5th Ave on Monday.  So it was interesting seeing everything in the day light as well.  

Gapstow Bridge.  It is so beautiful!

Harry Winston.  Umm, check out the pear-shaped diamond soliatre at the bottom.  That is exactly what I would love to have on my finger!  (ha!)  It is my dream ring, even before I saw it @ Harry's. 

Statue across from St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Angels w/ trumpets and the Tree @ The Roc.

By now, it was time to head back to the hotel to meet Debbie & Tammy.  We had to leave the city by 4pm in order to get to the airport on time.  It was almost 4:30p before we actually left.  We all piled into a Yellow Cab and were headed to LaGuardia in no time.  That was one cab ride I will never forget.  I was scared to death!  I've never been so happy to get out of that car at the airport a good hour later. 

I was at a different terminal than the other 3, so I had to get on the airport shuttle and to get to my terminal.  Then I had to check in and check my luggage and then th agent forgot to give me my boarding pass, so I had no clue what gate I was at, had to stand in line again to get my forgotten pass (that was laying beside her keyboard.) 

At this point I was on the verge of tears.  Mainly because I was so exhausted.  It had been a long day walking around in the rain and I had a headache.  All I wanted was to be sitting at home.  I would've paid anything to have just clicked my heels and been home.  haha

I had a fantastic trip with great friends.  I cannot wait to go back to NYC.  I would love to go back in the spring sometime. But for now, I am content being at home in the mountains of NC.

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  1. LOVE IT! And I'm more convinced than ever that I want to go to NYC someday! I got as far as Ellis Island, then had to turn around and come home (long story). Scott says he'll take me one day :)


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