Friday, March 19, 2010

NYC ~ Part 3

Tuesday we were up and at'em early. We had to get downtown in time to go to the TKTS booth in Seaport before going to Arrojo Salon for hair appointments.

waiting for the train

We hoofed it down to the subway where we jumped on the southbound rail. We got off in Seaport (Pier 17) and went to a little diner for breakfast. It was a neat experience. But it was obvious that the NYC native waitress is not used to the slower pace of the southerners. I felt like I was rushed to make my breakfast selection. (When it comes to making decisions I’m horrible, just ask Matt. I change my mind way too much.) I ordered the omelet with hash browns. I believe it was a shock to Tammy and Debbie that they did not serve sweet tea. All they offered was unsweet iced tea, sugar is on the table if you want it. It was so funny to see Tammy’s face when the sweet waitress told her that it was not an option. The breakfast was absolutely delicious and the service was great as well…just a little rushed, but great nonetheless.

A "shot" of OJ comes with every meal....they literally mean a shot...

We wandered down to the TKTS booth, but they were not open yet and Kellye and Debbie really needed to get back up to midtown so that they could get to their hair appointments on time. So we hopped the train again up to Soho. Once arriving we quickly made the walk to the Arrojo Studio. If anyone watches What Not to Wear, you will be familiar with the hairstylist, Nick Arrojo, we were at his salon. After Kel & Deb were checked in, Tammy decided to get her hair cut as well, so the three of them suit up in their black robes and waited for their stylist to come get them.
Before leaving NC, I had decided that I wasn’t going to spend an ungodly amount of money on a haircut, so I did not make an appointment. I know that the experience and the chance to say you’ve had your hair cut in a celebrity salon is awesome. But I had to be realistic, Christmas was just a couple weeks away and I could use that money on a gift for someone else. To be quite honest, I was excited that I would be able to people watch….which is a favorite past time. I also was on the look out for Nick. I believe he walked past me at least 7 times during the hour or so I was waiting. And each time he passed he always smiled or winked and he even spoke to me at one point. Yeah, I’m cool. (I just know he was thinking, “this girl has serious damage to her hair, I wish I could get my hands on it.”)

Nick Arrojo....he's so dreamy.
Kellye's new cut!

An hour or so later, Kel and Tammy were finished with their new hair-dos, and we were waiting on Debbie to finish up. Debbie had decided to have color put on her hair as well, so Kellye and I chose to take advantage of this time to walk up the road a bit to The Creperie. The Creperie was featured on The Food Network’s Throw Down with Bobby Flay, and we knew we had to go check it out since we were so close. After walking a couple of blocks and with the assistance of a sweet little New Yorker, we arrived at the establishment. It was not exactly what I was imagining, size-wise that is, but we clamored on in and started studying the menu. They have a huge menu of all kinds of crepes you could possibly imagine. I finally settled on a Raspberry Puree and Banana crepe. Oh.My.Dear. It was delicious! It was the largest crepe I’ve ever seen! I’ve had crepes in my time, but they all have resembled a burrito, if you will. This crepe took up an entire paper plate, it was fancy place ya know. haha Kellye opted for a different crepe, but my memory is failing me as to what flavor it was. We got one to go for Debbie and Tammy, I believe it was an Apple Pie Crepe. We finished up and then headed back to the Arrojo Salon to wait on Debbie.

The Creperie -- They deliver until like 3am

Raspberry Puree & Banana Crepe....DELISH!

While waiting on Debbie, I proceeded to take a little siesta in the lobby. I was so exhausted. We were going nonstop and the 15 minutes of shuteye felt really good. Before I knew it, Debbie was done and we were ready to head out.

We went back down to Seaport to the TKTS booth and purchased tickets to see Hair! But since we had plenty of time to spare, we done some shopping at Pier 17. They had a pretty tree all lit up in white with red bows all over it. We had a good time wandering around. Kellye and I wandered down to the Pier and looked around. The view was beautiful! The Brooklyn Bridge was absolutely gorg all lit up against the dusky sky.

 Ship ported at the Pier.
The Brooklyn Bridge
View of Seaport from the Pier
An unexpected picture that Kellye took as I was sitting at the Pier taking it all in.

Debbie & Tammy had found a restaurant, RED, so we met them there for a quick bite to eat before heading back into the city to get ready for the show. We finished up then hit the train back uptown. We quickly changed clothes and then set out walking like beasts to get to the show on time.

When we purchased our tickets, we were told that the show started at 7:30pm. However, after we get to the Hair theater, we are told that the show started at 7:00pm. We were 30 minutes late!!!! I cannot tell you how embarrassed we were to walk in mid show. Oh my gosh, and of course our seats were in the middle of a row…so we had to disturb like everyone. Ugh. But we got settled in and enjoyed the show. Well, Kellye and I enjoyed the show. Debbie and Tammy were slightly offended and left about 15 minutes after we got there. I will say, that none of us really knew what the plot of Hair was until we got there. If you aren’t familiar with it either, its based in the 70s and it’s main thing is “Make Peace Not War” – who would’ve thought?!?! So there was a lot of alludes to sex drugs, and being happy with yourself. Very hippy-ish. Nothing wrong with that, whatever, like it or not, it was a part of our history. But it had a fantastic ending and overall I was impressed. Probably wouldn’t go back to see it, but enjoyed the experience. At the end of the show, allt he actors came out on stage and performed a reprise of “Let The Sunshine”. Kellye and I ended up on the stage with the entire cast singing and dancing to the song. It was phenomenal and I can now say that I, too, have sang and danced on Broadway! Too much fun! (Unfortuantely, I do not have any photos of the show b/c cameras were not allowed.)

After the show, Kellye called her mom to find out where they were and what they were doing. They had gone to the Empire State Building and looked around. Kellye and I were out doing our thing, having a good time. We wandered around Times Square and were going to go do a little blackmarket purse shopping. We stopped at a little shop in Times Square and Kel had pizza and I had coffee and a piece of NY Style Cheesecake. Although it was good, it was not what I expected. So I was slightly let down. Apparently in NY, their “plain” cheesecake does not have a graham cracker crust. As I am eating it, I taste lemon. I couldn’t figure out what it was….ended up that they actually use a type of thin sponge cake for the crust and it is soaked in lemon flavoring. Boo. But I did eat and it was good, I have had better though.

NY Style Cheesecake (I don't look impressed do I?)
NY Style Ham & Pineapple Pizza

So just as we were finishing up, Kellye gets a call from her mother. Debbie and Tammy basically begged us to walk back up to the room, get their shoes, and then bring them to them down at the Empire State Building. They were still in their dress clothes they had on for the show. So they were wearing heels. (If you remember from my previous post, the Empire State Building was like a ton.of.blocks. down from where we were staying = LONG WALK) Oh boy! It took a lot of persuading, but we finally went to the room (changed clothes…I was not wearing my heels all the way down there and let my feet hurt), and headed back out to rescue those two ladies.

As we were walking through Times Square, the black market purses and wallets were screaming my name. The vendors had them set up on sheets outside store fronts and stuff. I was excited b/c I could see what I had to work with and could get in and out really quickly. But we had to take the shoes to Tam & Deb. Kellye and I finally reach the two pitiful dears….we found them sitting at a bistro table on the sidewalk. Both were so happy to see us. We kept laughing at them b/c they were so funny looking. They literally were hobbling, even after they had their tennis shoes on, they still had on their dress outfits, obviously, then their bright white socks and shoes. Hysterical! Then it got even better b/c it started raining as we were walking back up. Kellye had an umbrella so she and I were under it. Tam & Deb didn’t have anything, so they had taken their scarves and wrapped them up around their hair and heads. I looked back at one point and busted out laughing at them. They looked like two little old Italian women stepping foot onto Ellis Island way back when.

Since it had started raining, by the time we got to Times Square where I had mentally picked out the purses and wallets that I wanted…..the vendors had packed everything back up. BOO!!! I was so sad. I was too scared to look in their bags and pick what I wanted b/c that allowed too much time for police to catch me. So I didn’t get to purchase anything on the black market. But that’s ok….it was probably in my best interest. But that doesn’t mean I won’t try to do it again at some point if ever given the opportunity! Haha

So back to the room to change into my pjs and crash for the night. We had a rushed day ahead of us on Wednesday and knew we needed to get our rest…….


  1. I love it!!! What a crazy, busy, fun day!! I love Nick Arrojo, so I'm pretty excited that you guys are pretty much BFFs now. HOwever, my favorite picture, no question, is of the ladies w/ their dresses, scarves and sneakers!!!

  2. It is fun to read your posts. I clicked a link from Scott & Sarah Bass' blog. Very interesting to read about my home city. Looks like you had a fabulous trip!

  3. woooooow now that is the perfect GNO (and day too). I couldnt have planned a better more dreamy time, seriously!!!t stinks ya didnt get your black market stuff tho, lol. But I think you'll prob get another chance! cute post! xxoo LA

  4. It was a Smores Crepe!

  5. Ah yes, the smores crepe! I knew it had chocolate but couldn't remember anything else.

    Kel - the pic of your mom and Tam is priceless! lol


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