Thursday, October 15, 2009

Funtastic Weekend with Fantabulous Friends!

Wow, I feel old! I went to my 5 year class reunion this past weekend at Carson Newman College. I was surprised that there wasn’t as many people as I thought would be there. There was actually very little Class of 2004 Alumni in attendance. O-well. It was good to see who did come.

I was able to get my window fixed on Friday afternoon. Thank you Lord! I had such a peaceful drive to TN. No noisy roar of an open window! Ahh….

I met up with my friend Kellye at Baskin Robbins. We then decided that we would entertain ourselves at the theater. Yeah, it was a crappy idea and an even crappier movie choice. We saw The Invention of Lying. I will save you the time of watching….DO NOT PAY TO SEE THIS MOVIE! Whether it be in the theater, on DVD, pay-per-view, whatever. It is NOT worth it. Even the one “funny” part in the advertisements on TV were not even funny when put into context with the entire movie. A waste of time, money and effort. Whew, I feel better getting that off my chest.

Saturday, I woke to a groggy/dreary day. But that did not deter me! I went to work at Chic-Fil-A with Kellye for a bit. Actually I just stood around doing nothing, but whatever. We then drove to Carson Newman where I helped her set up the tent for the Chic-Fil-A booth for the Homecoming Festivities.

I met a sweet little lady sitting on the park bench as I was waiting on Kel to finish up. I only know her name as Nancy. She graduated from CNC in 1969. She is a precious lady and I enjoyed speaking with her. She was telling me how the women of CNC had to wear dresses/skirts at all times, even to football games, etc. She mentioned how she and her friends would be risqué by wearing their pajamas underneath their overcoats to the SAC (not the one that we know…but a different one) to check their mail of an evening. She said that everyone had a curfew of 10pm on the weekdays. They also had to sign out in order to walk into town. Very interesting. She said that she was glad that things had changed. I told her that I was too! Haha

I was able to see some friends that I don’t get to visit with often (Dawn & Aaron). It was so good to see them. Dawn and I lived in Burnett Hall our freshman year. We lived across from each other; we also had several classes together. We used to get out of our English class early EVERYDAY and we would go eat lunch at O’Charleys. Always ordered the loaded potato soup, rolls, and water. $5 (including tip!) *Sigh* those were the days….

After college, Dawn and I stayed in touch. I was honored to be in her wedding in Lancaster, PA in October 2007. (I’ll try to remember to post a picture of us later).   It was so good to see you guys!

I then traveled to Knoxville to meet up with my so fun potluck roommate, Jennifer. Jennifer and I met in January 2003 - my junior year, her sophomore year. She had transferred from UT and I had transferred back to CNC after taking the fall semester off from Campbell University. We had never spoken prior to our meeting and to be quite honest…I was scared. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. But it was friendship from the get-go. Jennifer has become such an amazing friend and I hate that we do not live closer to each other. Jennifer married Clint in 2006 and they honeymooned in Destin, FL. Which just so happened to be the same week that Matt and I were vacationing with friends in Destin. So we were able to meet up and have a great time. And I am sad to say that this past weekend was the first time I’ve seen Jennifer since our meeting in Destin! What a bad friend I am!!!

Anyways, we went to lunch, the mall and then back to Jennifer’s house where we lounged for a bit. We later went to dinner with Clint and his work partner and his wife as well as others. I had a grand time. Jennifer and I were able to reminisce about old times, look through old photo albums, listen to Clint tell stories. Plain and simply it was a wonderful time.

She has the most adorable little home and farm. They have done so much already and have more to do, but it is going to be FABULOUS when it is all said and done. Their garden was beautiful as well. They also have a super cute dog, Cymon. He was my friend and absolutely beautiful.

I WAS STUPID AND DIDN'T GET ANY PICTURES OF JENNIFER AND ME!!!!!  Gah!  I'm gonna find some oldies but goodies and post later.

Then I met with Kellye one last time to do a little shopping in Sevierville then I headed back home to NC.
-Kellie:  "I'm not sure what's on the other side of this, but I'm going to stick my head through it anyways."-Me:  "Oh Kel, it is a super sexy woman...You look great!"

I found a public toilet!

Since I was in Gatlinburg at the time, I figured it would be easiest for me to travel over the parkway into Cherokee to go home.  After I saw this (on the Gatlinburg by-pass!), I thought it best to take I-40 back home.

If you can’t tell by now…I had a great weekend.

Weekend Excitment Bullet Style:
*  Pumpkin Pie Icecream with Carmel Sauce at Baskin Robbins
*  Theater Popcorn
*  Free Chic-Fil-A for Breakfast
*  Seeing Dawn, Aaron, Roy, Raquel, (their sweet boy Carson), Kellye, Nick, Kara (and tons others) at Homecoming
*  Seeing JENNIFER and CLINT!
*  McAllisters for lunch...yummo!
*  Marble Slab ice cream....even bigger yummo!
*  Coupon for FREE JEANS at Old Navy!
*  Reminiscing with Jennifer in the Man Cave.
*  Playing with Cymon.
*  Story time with Clint.
*  Calhoun's with friends and new friends.
*  Coffee with really yummo fresh milk from the dairy (that has awesome labels.)
*  Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte
*  Shopping for said FREE JEANS from Old Navy!
I think that sums it all up.....


  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Glad you had a good time!

  2. My five year reunion was last year - I didn't get to go but I was still sort of surprised that it had been five years already since I graduated college! Looks like you had a great weekend!


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