Thursday, October 29, 2009

Broyhill Baptist Children's Home - Part 1

This post is a little overdue....and unfortunately it will need to be split into at least two posts.  But here is the beginning of the blessing.....

First of all, I must mention how much I love the children of Windy Gap.  I have worked with all ages and I honestly can say that we have a fabulous group of youth.  On Wednesday nights, I am a TeamKid leader.  Our TeamKids range in ages from Kindergarten to 5th Grade.  We average 15-20 kids on any given Wednesday....sometimes even more!  There are times when I wonder if they are really getting anything out of the lesson and they never cease to amaze me when they spout the answers to questions right back at me AND in grave detail! 

Sometime in late February, I went with the TeamKids from church to visit Broyhill Children's Home in Waynesville.  I do hate that I did not blog about this right after we went so that the details were more vivid.  But nonetheless I want to share my experience with you.

The TeamKids at Windy Gap take up an offering each week.  Albeit, a weekly offering is roughly $2-$5 it is amazing what the Lord can do with that money whenever you allow Him to use it to uplift His Kingdom. 

Kathy and Sandra the TeamKid leaders decided to put that money towards a visit with the kids their age who are living at Broyhill.  They called and set up a date to have a Hot Chocolate & Cookie Party. 

We all piled up in the church bus and headed over the mountain.  They look so excited.  haha 

We met with the house parents and the kids at the gym.  We had tables set up and we started making the hot chocolate.  While the other adults helped with those things, I was in charge of getting some games going to get the kids interacting with each other. 

The kids enjoyed getting to know each other and telling one another about themselves.  There's nothing like a warm cup of hot chocolate and some cookies that will encourage "new friendships." 

Some of our TeamKid leaders and the House Mother (I will think of her name soon) are handing out the deliciousness.

The children at Broyhill really wanted their new friends to see their house.  As the other adults cleanned up the cookie/hot chocolate mess, I had the kids hang out in the gym floor and talk and play games.  Then we all piled back on the bus and headed to the Cottage.

Look how the kids are acting like old friends!  I love it!

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE these children???

Look at their precious little smiles! 

This is the end of Part 1. 

Part 2 will start with the visit to the Cottage where we had a bible study.....and it will NOT take me 7 months to get it posted.  I will work on Part 2 this weekend.

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  1. How cool! What a great idea. And on behalf of all the parents... THANK YOU for working with the kids in your church! I had no idea how much it really meant, but you are appreciated!!


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