Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today is my dearest sister's birthday. Nancy turned 25 today. 
I love my sister to death.
We have our "moments" like any other siblings would have....but we get along great.
Although there are times when Nancy can make me madder than a hornet....she can crack me up and make me laugh hysterically.
I love it when we send each other stupid emails/text messages that bring a smile to the other's face.
I also love that we can talk about the serious stuff without judgment from the other.
I love that she wants me to play "dares" with her at random and most inconvient times.  Most often I never partake of the dare, but still...its is hysterical just thinking about it. 
Nancy is a wonderful Christian woman.  She is a fabulous sister, a great wife, and one day I know she will make the perfect mother.
She is passionate about everything that she does.  Whether it be scrapbooking or whether it be volunteering in a third world country as she spreads the Word of God.
I love my sister.  She is my best friend.


Today is also my nephew's birthday.
Lucas was born on 9.22.05.
Lucas stole my heart the moment I first saw him.
Over the last four years, this kid has continued to make me smile in so many ways.
Yes, he definitely can make me want to pull my hair out and sometimes I second guess as to whether or not I want children of my own....but it never fails that he says something that makes me melt.
This child has been a blessing and has helped to heal the sorrows of losing my brother 3 years ago.
I know that he has been a God send to my father.  He will always be "Papa's Little Boy".
My prayer is that Lucas will know that God comes first in everything.  That he will always have someone to turn to in his hours of need as he grows into a Godly Christian man.  I also pray that I can always be a positive influence.  That he can always see the Love of Jesus through my actions.


Tonight we had took Lucas to see The Jungle Book, by the Overlook Theater.  It was fabulous and Lucas had a great time.  He was slightly scared at times of Shere Khan.  But he enojyed it nonetheless.


Tomorrow after church we are having cake and ice cream for Nancy and Lucas.


I count my blessings everyday that I have such a wonderful family and for what they mean to me.  I am a lucky girl!


  1. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Your a good sister and a great Aunt! I have seen you with Lucas and think you will be a great mom! Hang in there hun I am sure it will get worse!
    love you!

  2. I never had a sister, so I am loving getting to see the one develop between my girls! I am so glad you have a wonderful sister relationship!

    Thanks for stopping by our blog!



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