Friday, October 24, 2008


I went through more of my Southern Living at Home items last night. SALE ITEMS: **SOLD**Tole Painted Pots (Green Pot only) $6.00 Tole painting is a charming style of decorative painting on metal that became popular in New England in the 18th century. Each of these hand-painted square metal pots feature a tole design in a contrasting color. Retail Price: $44.95 for a set of three
**SOLD**Gallery Collection Pacific Accent Plates $12.00
Brighten your table with these upbeat, sky blue accent plates. With traditional Gallery Collection details and a contemporary square shape, they are beautiful alone or in combination with the white-wear. A light brown rub highlights the detailing for added dimension. Retail price: $24.95 for a set of two
**SOLD**Harrison Plate Rack $15 each Southern Living at Home's plate rack is a well made rack from the Estate Iron Collection. This is a very versatile piece. It measures 9x32 and can display two large and small plates (I've also used it to hold picture frames.) I have 3 of these new and in the box. Retail Price: $34.95 each. **SOLD**Hospitality Collection Sage Casserole w/ Caddy $35.00 This 1½ quart casserole dish has a loose-fitting domed lid that keeps food warm while allowing ventilation. It's specially designed Red Mountain Iron Caddy allows you to serve hot meals right at the table. [Pictures above show the color of the casserole dish (top) and how it looks inside the caddy (below.)]Retail Price: $79.95
 **SOLD**Red Mountain Two Tiered Stand $10.00 Take your favorite serving pieces to new heights with this rectangular stand. Accommodates the Dress-Me-Up Platter, Somerset Tray, Christmas Memories Platter, Tuscan Appetizer Tray, Cinnabar Appetizer Tray and the Mt. Vernon Pine Sprig Tray. Retail Price: $32.95 **SOLD**Mt. Vernon Pine Sprig Tray $ 10.00
This beautiful tray features a pressed pine sprig in the center. Perfect for serving or for hanging on the wall as a display. Fits perfectly on the Red Mtn Two Tiered Stand. Retail Price: $24.95
**SOLD**Astoria Collection Cookbook Easel $20.00 Decorating your kitchen isn't just about counter tops and cabinets – don't forget the details! Perfect for when you need an extra hand in the kitchen, this easel has a removable acrylic shield that keeps cookbooks clean and open for quick reference. It also features an expandable base which will accommodates even the thickest cookbooks. Original price $44.95  **SOLD**Central Park Plaques $12.00 (set of 3) Inspired by elegant stone shields in New York's Central Park, thus the name. These plaques will bring a special touch to any décor. Hang them as a collection or display them separately. Lightly rubbed with umber to show the rich detail, each has a hanger and is backed with felt. These are for indoor use only. The plaques are 6” in diameter and 3/4” thick. Retail Price: $9.95 each **SOLD**Ltd Edition Studio Pottery Candle Holders $6.00 (set of 2) This is just for the base of this bowl (the green part). These are beautiful hand painted and signed candle holders. They are made to display the SLAH bowls to add height as seen above, but can also be used as a tapered candleholder. Retail Price: $15.95 each. (These originally sold as individual pieces, but I am selling them as a set of 2.) I have 2 sets.

**SOLD**Alexandria Container $12.00 This is a beautiful container perfect for serving, entertaining or using as a unique centerpiece. It is a coppery hammered tin and would look wonderful with any decor. Retail Price: $27.95

Everything is on a FIRST COME ~ FIRST SERVE basis. I don't have boxes for most of the Southern Living at Home items, b/c they have been used in demonstrations, they are in great condition!


  1. Hi,

    I am interested in purchasing your SLAH Mt. Vernon Pine Sprig Tray. Do you still have it available for sale? I live in Florida and would be very happy to pay for shipping and handling. I had two in the two tiered stand and broke one on Christmas day! I would love to replace it. Thanks. Colette

  2. I am interested in the Red Mountain rectangle stand. Can you ship to me in Atlanta?


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