Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I have deicided that I need to downsize my collection of Southern Living at Home products. I have WAYYY to much stuff and I have NO WHERE to use it or to display it. So it stays in the boxes in the garage waiting for my next party. Which I don't have a lot of those, so I figured what the heck, I'll just get rid of some of them. I've not had a chance to go through everything...but here is a sample of some of the items that I am selling along with a picture and a description. SALE ITEMS:
**SOLD**ole Painted Pots (Green Pot only) $6.00 Tole painting is a charming style of decorative painting on metal that became popular in New England in the 18th century. Each of these hand-painted square metal pots feature a tole design in a contrasting color. Retail Price: $44.95 for a set of three

**SOLD**Flower Market Door Bucket $15.00 You’ll fall in love with this multi-tonal metal door bucket! The moss bronze finish is compatible with any door color, and the bucket’s curved tulip shape makes it great for styling flowers with ease. Line with plastic when using with fresh flowers. Will weather over time if left outside. Retail Price: $37.95 **SOLD**Gallery Collection Pacific Accent Plates $12.00 Brighten your table with these upbeat, sky blue accent plates. With traditional Gallery Collection details and a contemporary square shape, they are beautiful alone or in combination with the white-wear. A light brown rub highlights the detailing for added dimension. Retail price: $24.95 for a set of two
**SOLD** Tribeca Glasses $12.00 The glasses feature a widened bowl and thick glass stem with a bubble in the base. Retail Price: $27.95 for a set of two. **SOLD** Large Virginia Hurricane $15.00 Great for fall and holiday decorating! This is item is now retired. It measures approximately 7" wide at the opening and 12" tall. Versatile item that will go great with any decorating ideas you may have. Retail Price: $37.95
**SOLD**SLAH Celebration Wreath $35.00 NEW & IN THE BOX! The Celebrations Wreath is a beautiful wreath in metallics of bronze, gold and silver. Made of various types of pine cones and ball ornaments. Hang the wreath inside above a mantel or on an armoire or on a covered outside door or window. Retail Price: $99.99

**SOLD**Black Decorative Shelves $6.00 NEW & IN THE BOX! Solid wood, 22 inch ledge. Ready for hanging, will hang flush to the wall. I bought these but haven't used them. I have three of these shelves, never been out of the box. Retail Price: $14.99 each. I bought them on sale for $6.00 each.

**SOLD**Martha Stewart Mirrored Urn Lamp Bases $6.00 each Beautiful contemporary lamp bases. Perfect for your living room or a bedroom. 6” maximum width, 16” tall, 3-way switch. I bought these but haven't used them. Retail Price: $19.99 each. I bought them on sale for $6.00 each. Everything is on a FIRST COME ~ FIRST SERVE basis. I don't have boxes for most of the Southern Living at Home items, b/c they have been used in demonstrations, they are in great condition! MORE ITEMS COMING SOON!

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