Thursday, November 16, 2006

I miss that old feeling...

This week has really taken me back to my senior year of college. I guess the reason why it because during my senior year I lived alone. I had a very cute, comfortable apartment that I had turned into my little haven of bliss. I found my refuge in my living room. I had a big fluffy couch, shaggy rug, lots of pillows, and candles that I burned constantly. I would sit in my living room floor and work on whatever "new" crafty project I had come up with. Whether it be making picture frames from old windows, re-upholstering a chair, coloring in a coloring book, making pillows and curtains, or re-doing and entire dining room set, whatever it was, I enjoyed doing it while watching my favorite tv shows. (CSI, Law and Order, Sex and the City, or watching a movie.) That is exactly how I spent the majority of my weekends and some evenings (when I wasn't working on some massive research paper, or working in general.) I loved being able to do that. I miss it to be honest. Since I am now at home w/ my sisters and a one year old nephew, finding time to do these things is pretty much slim to none, plus considering that I can't leave my unfinished project in the floor where I was working on it. But this week has been different. I've been dog/house sitting for my sister-in-law while she is out visiting my parents in Mississippi. The past couple of nights, I have been working on a Christmas Tree Skirt. I've been able to sprawl out on the floor to measure the fabric, to trace and cut out my patterns. I have throughly enjoyed every minute of it and I have come to realize how much I really hate not being able to keep up with my crazy ideas and trying to make things that I have no idea how to make. I get such a satisfaction when my "projects" turn out better than I expected, and I like seeing when they don't come out as planned, and where I need to change something. It's all trial and error. Last night, after I finished cutting out my all my pieces of the skirt, I decided that was enough for one night. So I made a quick pot of coffee and I enjoyed a Pumpkin Pie Spice coffee while I watched the Polar Express. I had never seen the movie, but I had heard it was great. I watched it while curled up on the couch, with Gizmo laying in my lap. It was a great evening. I can't wait til tonight, when I can finish up my Christmas tree skirt and watch The Lake House, while drinking another cup of good ol' Joe.

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