Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Favorites

Well, it’s Black Friday.  I have never been one to get up super early and hit the door busters and such.  Don’t get it twisted, I’m not saying I haven’t done it or won’t do it again…I’m just saying that I am indifferent when it comes to Black Friday.  I generally go out on Black Friday (not before 10am-ish though) to window shop.  Heck, I may even make a purchase or two if the notion hits.  Personally, I would much rather do that any day than try beat a crowd of people (who are in a turkey stupor) to score a good deal. 

I haven’t decided what I am going to do today.  I really want to get my Christmas decorations up and since the Mr. is working and the weather is cooperating, that is probably what I will do.  I believe we will be going to visit with a couple friend of ours this evening before they head back to Florida.  Regardless, of what we do, I see coffee (maybe hot cocoa, too) and Christmas decorations in my very near future. 

ThinkThin / TOCCA / Stella & Dot / Macaroon Mug / Heldaa by G by GUESS
Here are 5 favorites I am loving this week:
  1. ThinkThin High Protein Bars. Thank you, Lindsay, for your wonderful review which made me go out, purchase and try for myself. Oh my gosh, they are so good. The Chocolate Fudge is really good, as is the Brownie Crunch.  
  2. TOCCA Crema Da Mano in Cleopatra. I received a sample via Birchbox and I love it. It feels amazing and smells wonderful. I will need a full size bottle of this stuff.  Please and thank you.
  3. Stella & Dot Serenity Earrings. I love how vibrant these earrings are. They add a whole new level to an “everyday” outfit. These are definitely one of my favorite pairs and they go with me when we go out of town always.
  4. Coffee and/or Hot Cocoa.  With the weather turning much colder, I have found myself consuming more coffee and hot cocoa to warm my innards.  Personally, I believe that a super cute mug makes drinking any hot beverage more fun!  Trust me, you should try it. 
  5. Heldaa Boots by G by GUESS. The Mr. picked out these boots while we were in Charleston on vacation. I was surprised at his sense of style.  They are so comfortable and go with everything!  Highly recommend.   
Just for good measure, I must add one more favorite…

6)    Hallmark Channel – Countdown to Christmas movies. Really, who doesn’t love a good snow-filled, cheesy romantic Christmas movie to get you in the spirit of the season??? I love watching these movies. They make me feel all giddy and glitzy. They are good for the soul, I say. If you do not like Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas you are either in denial or you are male.
** TELL ME - What are some things you are loving this week? **

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