Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today marks two wonderful years of wedded bliss to my honey dearest.  

The past two years have been an adventure.  I am so thankful that The Lord put us together all those years ago...9 years ago to be exact.  It's crazy when you reflect on your past, you can see the Lord's plan in action although you were totally unaware of it at the time.  Did that just make sense?  Never in my life did I expect that what was a blind-date of sorts would turn into our love story.  God works in super awesome ways like that. 

Anyone who says that marriage is a piece of cake is lying or are in denial. Marriage is not easy.  It takes work, communication, hissy fits, make out sessions (maybe more *wink*), compromise and LOTS of prayer to make it work.  There are ups and downs but the ups far out weigh the downs. 

Even in our short two years, we have been dealt a couple of things that have really tested our marriage and faith.  However, I believe that we've pulled together like champions and conquered those valleys...but it has only been through the help of the Lord that we were able to do so.  He deserves all the glory for that!

I really feel that we've got a connection like none other and as long as God is first in our marriage, then we've got several more rock solid years decades left in us! 

I love you, best friend!

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