Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bad Day

A couple weeks ago (on what could have been the coldest morning of our so far mild winter) this is what welcomed me when I came out of class...

*Thank you WCU Parking Police*

I had a bright orange sticker stuck to my window telling me to go to Parking Services.
I had no idea I was parking in faculty/staff parking.
Although I am a student at WCU, I have no idea where 99% of the buildings are located on campus.
I called the number, the lady tried to give me directions.  I was clueless.
I traipsed across campus, losing feeling in my fingers and toes as I continued my journey.
I finally found the building, was informed I would have to pay $50 and they sent someone to take the boot off my car.
By the time I got back to my car, I could not feel any part of my body.

Only good thing that came out of this:  I found the Starbucks on campus!


  1. Man, that sucks. Glad you found the coffee place!

  2. Coffee makes everything least a little bit ;)


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