Sunday, March 20, 2011

Schmaltzy Sunday

I am one of the luckiest girls in this world.
Why, you ask?
Because I have not just one, but TWO women that I call Moma.
My first (and biological) Moma is Nancy Janson Holland, she passed away due to complications with childbirth after my sister was born in 1984.
My second Moma, Edith Holland, has been my Moma since 1987.

For as far back as I can remember, Moma has been a part of my life.
I've not known remembered any different
and I've always called her Moma to my knowledge.
(I know she will say otherwise, but I don't remember calling anything else.)

Moma comes from a sweet little family that grew up within city limits.
So when Daddy and Moma married in June 1987, we moved to town!

At the time, Mom had two grown children from a previous marriage,
both had moved out and were married.
Moma worked as the director of a county program.
But when three snotty children ages 2, 5 and 8 come in,
she willingly left her position and became a stay-at-home mom.

Then by September 1987, she and my dad took in and began raising her 3 month old granddaughter.
This little baby girl is now who I call my sister, Alisha.

Within a matter of months, we had gone from a family of 4,
to a family of 7 when they were married,
to a family of 8!
A little bit from Daddy and a little bit from Moma!
We were the Brady Bunch and we loved it that way!
Since Lee and Beth were grown, it was just the 6 of us living at town.

Over the last (almost) 24 years, Moma has helped my Dad to mold me into the woman that I am today.
*que tissues*
This lady has been the best role model that a girl could ever ask for.
She's taught me how to be responsible,
how to make the bed,
how to sort laundry (this always seemed to be an issue),
how to properly set the table,
how to wash dishes (greasy pots and pans go last!)
how to vaccum,
how to cook and bake (don't worry mom, I know how ot make doo-up appropirately)
how to fold bath towels in a tri-fold (there is a precise way to do it and I plan to teach my kids this one day too!)
how to be a giver of myself and of my soul,
how to weed the flower bed (which I still despise), 
and most importantly: how to be a Godly Christan Woman.

There are so many things that I take away from growing up under her watch, care and guidance.
If I can be a woman with such faith, character, and love as she has all bundled up within her little self,
then I know I will be just fine when it comes to my future family.
She is a great partner to my Daddy and they just fit together.
She is a servant with a willing heart and ready to go wherever the Lord leads her and my Dad.
She's the complete package.

Thank you for loving me and being my Moma.
You had a choice and you chose to accept not only the handsome man (that is my daddy)
but to accept his three snotty nosed children
and to raise them as your own.
Thank you for not running to the hills to get away from us. :)
Thank you for not being the dreaded "red-headed stepmother."
(even if you did bop me in the head with a breadpan once
and made me put my nose against the wall....I know I deserved it at the time.)

As I've said many times, any woman can be a mother....but it takes one of a kind to be a Moma.

I know I've not even begun to touch the tip of the iceburg that is your life and what you mean to me.  But I hope that this has given you an idea.
Words can never express how PROUD I am
to be your DAUGHTER!

Happy Birthday Mom!

You've always taught me to be a hard worker.  Moma & Lucas hauling wood.

McKenzie and Moma riding Thomas the Trian.

Mom with the grandbabies at a fireside bible devotion.

My Moma, My Daddy and Me!

Moma and Daddy with Grandbabies at Nancy's graduation.

Moma and Daddy with Nancy after WCU graduation.


  1. This is so sweet! She sounds like an amazing person, and she clearly did a great job (no doubt with a little help from Mama in Heaven) raising you guys!

  2. HEY ... your posts are not supposed to make me cry but knowing your Moma ... well it just warms my heart. She is such a special person, truly a gift from our Heavenly Father above.

  3. She's a great lady and I never even met her! So happy God sent you another great moma just in time!

  4. This is so special to me, especially considering I took this role in Maggie's life. I hope I can be as great a mama to her as your mama has been to you!!


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