Thursday, March 17, 2011

Do You "Heart" Quotes?

Abby at Life at it's Finest! is hosting a giveaway each day this week
in honor of Happy Heart Week (1 year anniversary since her 2nd heart surgery.)
(graphic by Abby)

Monday’s Giveaway #1 was a coffee coozie (which you can still enter to win!)
(photo by Abby)

Tuesday's Giveaway #2 is for an adorable ceramic cookie platter (which you can still enter to win!)
(photo by Abby)

Wednesday's Giveaway #3 is a Knotted Headband (which you can still enter to win!)
(photo by Abby)

Today's Giveaway #4 is a little artful inspiration
that could snazzy up any room in your home or office!
(photo by Abby)

Just as Abby stated, " serves as a reminder to follow your heart and dreams!"
Couldn't have said it better myself, Abby.

Go to Life at its Finest! and leave a comment telling Abby your favorite quote.

This is my favorite quote:

"Love is everything it's cracked up to be…
It really is worth fighting for,
being brave for,
risking everything for."
~Erica Jong

Become a follower and you'll get more entries for the framed artwork.
Blog about it as I have, and receive another entry.

(Again, I really do recommend becoming a follower of Life at its Finest!.
Abby has such a sweet outlook on life,
she isn't afraid to talk about her Lord and Savior,
and she isn't afraid to be real with you.
I see reflections of myself in Abby's posts.)

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