Saturday, February 19, 2011

Skidumpdump Saturday

Today, well actually since Thursday, a special little boy and his family have been on my heart and I've lifted countless prayers up for them.

Little Andy is my BFF's two year old son.  I received a prayer chain Thursday afternoon stating that Andy had been taken to the hospital due to a hemorrhage on his brain.  He has spent the last few days in PICU as doctor continue to run tests on him to see if they can find the cause of the bleeding.

Thursday the doctors told them that the blood could take 6-12 months to be reabsorbed by the body.  However, in Friday's CT, the blood wasn't as big as it was on Thursday evening.  The doctors may have been shocked, but I know that it was due to all of the prayers that were being lifted up for little Andy.

In an update from the family today, little Andy has been sluggish and slept most of the day.  The doctors stated that they were as baffled as the rest of the family was.  They are going to keep him in the PICU for now.  He is scheduled for an MRI on Monday, they are just hoping that he will be awake long enough to do so. 

Please help me lift Robyn, her husband David, and little Andy in your prayers.  Pray for health and comfort for Andy; strength and peace for Robyn & David and their extended families.  They know the Lord is the Greatest Physician and He can do miracles.  They have their faith in Him that He will see them through this difficult time.  


I will write with “nonsensical talk randomblings” about things I’ve heard, tried, learned, etc. There will not be any rhyme or reason to these postings. The sky is the limit!

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