Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I Wore #3

This little project of mine has been going rather smoothly if I say so myself.  I've enjoyed doing it so far.   Just to get you up to day, for any new readers.  What I Wore was started by a sweet girl named Lindsey in CA.  She is a stay at home mom and runs a business out of her home as well.  Being that she was at home a lot, she tended to wear a lot of sweats and pjs all day long.  To make herself feel better she began taking a daily photo to help hold her accountable to actually get dressed. 

I started this project for myself because I found that I was wearing the same things over and over again.  I've actually done better than I thought I would starting into week #4 as of tomorrow.  I have only worn one dress twice.  (can anyone pinpoint it??)  I can't believe that I actually have this many clothes that I've not been wearing.  Kinda exciting. 

Black Multi Dress - Humanité
Tights - Cato's
Black Leather Boots - Peebles
Fuschia Necklace - Walmart (close up below) 

*Worked at Humanité.*
Denim Jacket - Cato's
Brown Multi Dress - Ross
Brown Leggings - Walmart
Brown Boots - Humanité
Wooden Necklace - TJ Maxx

Denim Dress - Izod, Peebles
Tan & White Cardi - Old Navy
Brown Tights - Target
Brown Boots - Humanité
Necklace - Walmart
Gold Hoops - Lia Sophia


I slacked and forgot to take a photo.

Dress - Peebles
Black Flower Cardi - Old Navy
Tights - Cato's
Leather Boots - Peebles
(Sorry the quality of the photo isn't that great.)
Gray Dress - Old Navy
Black Cropped Cardi - Walmart
Black Leggings - Walmart
Rosette Boots - Belks

(I'm linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy.)


  1. I love all of your cute dresses!

  2. I seriously love all your adorable dresses!

  3. Just like everyone else, I love your dresses! The first outfit with the funky tights is fabulous!

  4. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Loving the dressed. My legs are in hiding for the winter!

  5. I like that everything you wear is a dress! Very very cute!

  6. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Really cute stuff Dee!

  7. So cute! I especially love Saturday's dress!

  8. Erin Smith7:42 PM

    Oh my goodness, Deidre - could you be any cuter!? I love the different ways you're styling the pieces from Humanité - such great combos!


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