Thursday, June 10, 2010

Soccer - April & May 2010

Some of you may have read on my sister’s post about our nephew, Lucas and his soccer games. I tell you what, that kid cracks me up.
Being a former soccer coach (ha, don’t laugh; I was last year….seriously!) I could tell that Lucas was doing a good job and has the potential to be a great soccer player in years to come.
Lucas is one kid who never seems to get tired or worn out. He would get out there in the heat of the day and run his rear off after the ball. Every coach wants a kid like Lucas on their team. As soon as he sets foot on the field he only has one goal: get the ball. And boy does he go after it!
His first couple-three games he made a score. He was very helpful in getting the ball going towards his goal. He is a great kicker too.
Being 4, he does have some polishing to learn and to be more of a “team player” but overall he is a wonderful soccer player. His coach told him that “he was the best player of the day” and he absolutely beamed.
One thing Lucas wasn’t too excited about was that his team was co-ed. This meant he had girls on his team. Lucas can definitely be a He-man Woman Hater sometimes when it comes to things that he believes boys can do better. HA! But still he played somewhat great with the girls too.
The whole “famiwee” would show up for his soccer games. He got to where he didn’t want to go to practice because he thought that his “famiwee” should go to his practices as well.
My niece, McKenzie, was very upset that Natasha didn’t sign her up for soccer this year either. But 1) Natasha didn’t know that McK wanted to play, 2) luckily for Natasha, McK wasn’t old enough this summer to play….so that helped. But now McK knows that whenever she turns 4 she is old enough! Although McK couldn’t play, she would show up to be a cheerleader for her best cousin, Lucas.

Those kids melt my heart.

Here are some photos to enjoy….

"Hey coach, put me in, I'm ready to play!"
Serious action...
Alisha - Proud Mother
Pass it to me!
"How did I do guys?"  "Where's Matt Matt?"
(I will say that he was VERY excited that his famiwee was there to support him.)
Lucas & McKenzie
Lucas going for the goal.
Alisha, Parker and Evelyn watching the game.
Evelyn, McKenzie and Natasha.
Lucas after a game enjoying a snack.

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