Thursday, January 28, 2010

NYC ~ Part 1

The post I know you all have been dying to see!

On Saturday December 5th, Matt and I headed down to Lake Wiley, SC to friends Jason & Malea’s home. Being that I would be flying out rather early the next morning from Charlotte, it was a great excuse to spend some time with our friends. Jason & Malea had just recently built a new home and it was a pleasure for them to host us for the evening.

That afternoon, Malea and I went to a jewelry show that a friend of hers had. The boys prepared the meat and finger foods in preparation for the FL/Bama game. It was a good time and we enjoyed the company.

Move forward to 4:00am on the 6th. By this time, I had awoken an hour earlier than planned. The longer I laid there trying to go back to sleep, nerves began creeping in, so it was just best that I get up and start my day. After getting Matt and Jason up (b/c we had no clue where the airport was) Jason had to tag along.

On the way to the airport I began getting really nervous, really freaked out. I literally was on the verge of tears. Matt dropped me off at the door and I get through security no problems. I pick up a cup of Starbucks and then head to the gate to wait to board.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I really enjoy a fabulous cup of coffee. Let me just tell you how nervous I was about flying. I POURED OUT MY COFFEE after just two sips! Don’t get me wrong, I have flown before several times. I actually enjoy flying. However, I did n.o.t. like flying alone. The longer I sat there the mistier my eyes became. Short and long of it, I said a prayer and felt better (until they said they had to de-ice the plane.) Made it through that and then before I know it I hear the pilot come over the intercom – we are going to prepare our decent into NYC. The plane arrived approx 45 minutes early. I get car sick easily so I was a little nauseous by the time we landed. Nothing that Advil couldn’t fix.

De-icing the Plane.

Statue of Liberty from the Plane

The NYC Skyline - So pretty even during the day!

I had to meet Kellye, her mother (Debbie) and her friend (Tammy) at baggage claim. Their plane was coming in from Nashville. They were in a different terminal so I had to travel over to the other side of the airport. By 10:30an I had met up with the other 3 and we were ready to hit the city wide open!

After a svelte ride in pimped out Escalade with a hooptie chauffeur, we were delivered to the Radio City Suites. We arrived before check in time so we left our luggage and headed out to Times Square.

Radio City Apartments & Suites - Our Home for the Week

We ended up going to the TKTS booth waiting to purchase tickets to a discount tickets to The Radio City Rockettes for that evening.

Waiting in line for tickets
Some of the billboards that surround Times Square

After we had purchased our tickets, we went in search of a slice of NY style pizza. We found a sweet little place were we were able to dine inside. I will say it was very good! We also enjoyed a homemade cannoli. Delish!

We went back to Times Square for a bit, stopping in a couple different stores along the way. Here are some pictures of Toys R Us. The place was swarming with people. I love their Ferris wheel, but I don’t ride on such things, so I took joy just watching.

Ferris Wheel at Toys R Us.  I did not ride it....I'm scared of those things!

I saw “Spiderman” who was really a street performer. That evening I called Lucas and told him that I had seen Spiderman – he thought it was so cool.

Spiderman (do you see his fanny pack?)

The hotel called and we were able to go check in. So we headed back to rest a little and then get ready for the Rockettes. After a little rest and changing, we headed back out into the chilliness. I was able to see a few things along the way to Radio City. We stopped and took several photographs.

I see London, I see France, I do not see Nutcracker's underpants.

You have no idea how long it took for us to get this picture.  Kellye's mom was having difficulties with the camera.

Biggest Strand of lights I've ever seen.

"Chestmuts Roasting on an Open Fire"  Well maybe not really roasting, but they were at some point!

St. Patrick’s Cathedral is on the way to Radio City, so we made a pit stop to see the inside. People were filing in there like mad. I didn’t realize until we got in that the music I was hearing was actually part of a Mass that was taking place. I felt a little awkward, b/c tourists were everywhere and they were having “church.” But no one really paid any attention to us. This was my first time in a catholic church (at least from what I remember). I was amazed at the architecture. It was beautiful. There was also a beautiful Nativity at the front.

St. Patrick's Cathedral

The interior archetecture was so elaborate and detailed.

Catholics light a votive in prayer & thanksgiving for each Saint.


Pretty cool doors outside the Cathedral

A quick walk around the corner, there it was, in all of its glory, standing proudly, sparkling and twinkling, everything that I ever thought it could be, the epitome of “Christmas in NYC”….the Tree at Rockefeller Center. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. A few quick snapshots and we had to jet to Radio City.

Kellye and me - self photo at the Tree

We made it to Music Hall and found our seats. Then the show began. Needless to say, I was in awe the entire time. I loved every single moment of the show. I was very impressed by the fact that they had a breathtaking live Nativity scene with camels, sheep and everything.

Believe me when I say I took a LOT of photos during the show.  I will save you from having to view all of them, so here's the one shows them in a partial kick.  *sigh*

Quick shot before heading out in the cold...again.

After the show, we had reservations at Bar Americain, one of Bobby Flay’s restaurants located in the city. We had a wonderful meal. It was fantastic. I enjoyed the Sunday special: Horseradish Crusted Halibut with a Dungness Crab Chowder.

I know it doesn't look that great....but the picture does not do this meal justice......YUMMO!
After dinner, Kellye and I headed to the Time Square to hang out and do some shopping. Debbie and Tammy headed back to the hotel. Here are some of our snapshots as we were winding down our night.

M&M Store

Hershey store

Times Square

Little did I know that this was just the beginning to a very eventful vacation in the Big Apple!

Part 2 to follow --- soon I hope!  Its ready to go except for the photos -- they just take so long to get uploaded.  Anyone have any other suggestions on how to upload them any faster????  I am open to any and all suggestions!


  1. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Love Love Love this post. I want to go someday when I don't have to tote a lil one at foot the whole time. So about 10 years from now when I am done having children and they are all off the boob I will be there,,,,,,,,, maybe. I am still hoping for Amish Country and then Virgina vacations first. Love you!

  2. I really had a great time Amber. Lots of stuff to see and do. Children would love it too! :) I've been to Amish Country as well and it is GORGEOUS! After all of the NYC stuff is posted, I may go back and post about my trip to Lancaster Co., PA. That was a fun trip as well.
    love u too!

  3. Aunt Net11:23 AM

    Loved it DeeDee! We went to NYC and didn't see half as much as you did. Looks like you had the time of your life. Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. Sometime ask ZaZa about our trip to NYC and the Statue of Liberty. LOL.. Love Ya, Net

    Oh and by the way, you should have said after you watched the Alabama Game. ROLL TIDE!!! For all my relatives in Bama.....LOL

  4. oh my goodness, I've been waiting for this! The pictures are AWESOME! I have always wanted to go to NYC and I am determined to get there eventually :) Can't wait for part 2!! Thanks for sharing your big adventure!


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