Thursday, January 7, 2010

Girls Get Away in Gatlinburg

In mid-November, Natasha, SIL, gave me a call and wanted to see if I was doing anything that weekend. I told her that I did not have any plans. She said that she needed to get away for a bit and wanted to see if I wanted to spend the night in Gatlinburg.

Of course, I told her yes! She had also invited another mutual friend of ours, Mickey, to join us. We set out after work on Friday and went on over the mountain.

From the time we left Sylva (which was our meeting point) until the time we went our separate ways late Saturday night; our time was spent laughing til we cried, talking about “life” in general, and enjoying each other’s company.

We stayed at a hotel that was within walking distance to the shops around Gatlinburg. Friday we went to dinner and then sat at the restaurant listening to music, talking and laughing. We then walked the strip window shopping and popping our heads in the stores every once in a while to get warm. The lights were up and sights and sounds of Christmas were hanging on every corner, even though Thanksgiving hadn’t even arrived yet.

Saturday we slept in and then headed to the outlets after breakfast at IHOP. (I love that place. Also insert corny joke by Matt’s dad, Sam, “did your waitress have only one leg?”) We shopped literally all morning/afternoon long.

Then we decide, thanks to Natasha, to go to Ripley’s Haunted Adventure. Lets just say, it was the creepiest thing I’ve done I believe. It was fun and definitely a good time. I was scared to death, not b/c of what was actually in there, but b/c Natasha was so scared she had me all freaked out. By the time we got out of the blessed thing, I had taken a spill into a chain link fence, injuring my hand and sprawled out like Sunday breakfast on top of a skinny black girl. Bless her heart. All because Natasha had a freak out moment when the chainsaw man came out and pushed the rest of us backwards at such a speed that no one had time to know what was going on.  haha  It was a good laugh that is for sure.  As a matter of fact, we were laughing so hard we were about to wet ourselves all the way home just talking about it. 

I had a great time with Tasha & Mickey and I feel safe saying that they did as well.

I hope that we can continue to do little things like this for years to come. 

***Photos to Come***

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