Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fall Festival

The week before halloween Tasha (my sis-in-law) hosted a Fall Festival for her church, Central Baptist, at her home.  She invited the whole family as well to come and join in the fun.

I had choir practice, so it was a little late arriving for the festivities.  They had already had bobbing for apples, horseshoe tournament, and the teenager & adult pie-eating contests.  I had arrived just in time to see the younger children in their pie-eating contest. 

My cousin's daughter, Maggie.  She really had no interest in a pie-eating contest.

Excuse the blurriness.  This is my nephew, Jordan, Pie Eating Winner.

Actually, Jordan was the only child who actually ate the pie.  The others just stood there looking at it not wanting to get it all over them.  Lucas and McKenzie wouldn't even go anywhere near the table.  It was quite funny.

Then dearest Tasha, decided that Nancy and I needed to have a pie eating contest between the two of us.  She actually wanted our Dad to come do it with us, but lucky for him, he was busy talking to someone.  So she conned Tanya into doing it.  It was funny that Tanya was there - we go waaaaay back.  Her parents are old family friends.  Tanya used to babysit us as kids too.  It was interesting to say the least.

First of all, Nancy and I do not have the strongest of stomachs.  I will give myself credit and say that mine is stronger than Nancy's but still.   Also, neither of us are big friends of whipped cream.  Which is fine, but the mini pie was topped with whipped cream.  We both had Chocolate Pies.

And we're off...

This is SO gross...

Funny....but Gross.  Tanya is lapping it up.  Definitely beating me and Nancy.

Tasha give Nancy a "hand" in eating her Pie.

This is the moment where the pie about made its way back out.  I believe by this point Nancy and I were both gagging.

Yep, its getting real serious, real fast.  I'm secretly praying that Tanya will finish so I can quit!

While Nancy was up for air.  She decided to cheat and stole my pie.  I was going to have none of that...if I lost I was going to lose on my accord, not because my sister was a cheater.  So, I had to help her eat her pie as well.  I don't feel bad, she deserved it. :) haha  (I will say that in Nancy's defense, I really had to apply a lot of pressure to her cranium to get it down...she has a tough neck!)

She's so dramatic.

FINALLY we were done, Tanya won!  It was funny though and a good laugh.

There was a brief devotion by Wayne (Tasha's dad) as everyone sat around the bonfire on haybales.  It was great that everyone was able to come and enjoy themselves in a fun and healthy way.  But most of all, in the name of Christ.

Below are other photos I took during the evening.  Enjoy!

sack races
Jordan (nephew) McKenzie (Niece) Maggie (Cousin)

My parents and I

My beautiful McKenzie and myself (Her FAVORITE Aunt)

Nancy with Lucas & McKenzie

McKenzie and PePaw listening intently to the devotion.

Mom with the Grandbabies.

Nancy mistakenly said that the kids were going on a tractor ride, they got so excited!
(BTW that's a mean & dirty trick, Nancy)

Time to Roast Marshmallows.

Natasha and myself.


  1. Anonymous3:11 PM

    I am so glad you finally explained that pie eating contest...hilarious by the way with the pictues. I love it. Candy

  2. Haha its funny you say that Candace. I gave my camera to Mom. I don't think she realized that I told her in a rush that it was a "film" camera, not my digital. So she just snapped pic after pic thinking I could pick out the ones I wanted and delete the others. Needless to say, almost a whole roll was dedicated to the Nancy/Deidre Pie Eating Contest...but it was a funny laugh nonetheless. :0)

  3. That is hilarious! The whole night looks like great fun, but the pie-eating contest absolutely cracks me up! Love it!

  4. That first photo is priceless - she SO does not look interested! :-) Looks like everyone else had fun though.

    pk @ Room Remix

  5. Sarah,
    I assure you, the pie eating contest was NOT the best part of the night!!


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