Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank you, Tarheel the Tank Driver....

Today is a day where we all need to say "Thank You" to any and all veterans that we may know or come in contact with. My papaw is a veteran of WWII. He spent a lot of time in England and Germany. I love to hear him tell us stories of when he was in the war. His little face just lights up when he talks about it. It's great. He always tells us the funny things that happened. Since my papaw was born and raised in North Carolina his nickname was "Tarheel." Papaw was in the army. He was a part of the infantry, papaw drove a tank. I am thankful for my Papaw and his service to this nation. He served, he was proud, and most of all he is a God-fearing soldier. My papaw is the bestest ever! So to Papaw and the other veteran scattered across our nation and those who are serving right now for my freedom.....THANK YOU!!!

I am staying in Cullowhee this week. Matt left Saturday morning for Sioux Narrows, Ontario, Canada for a hunting trip. He loves going on that trip and I know that he is going to enjoy himself. He will get back in the whee hours of Sunday morning. I hope that he gets the biggest deer up there! hehe. I know it may sound cruel and barbaric but I absolutely LOVE deer meat. Oh my gosh do I love it! :) So i hope he brings a big one home! I am staying at the apartment taking care of the dogs while he is gone. We didn't want his mother to have to take care of them so I am staying there. It is actually better for me b/c I don't have to drive back to Franklin every day and then drive back to Sylva for work.

I had a great weekend. My dear friend Kellye, from college came and hung out with me. We took some pictures around and about but I haven't uploaded any of them yet. Kellye is a good friend of mine. She and I met the beginning of our sophmore year. She lives in a town just up the road from Carson-Newman College. So I spent a lot of time at her house on the weekends. Her family is wonderful and I am so thankful for our friendship. She really is a special friend. We didn't do a lot at all. We actually watched a LOT of Hallmark tv. And after seeing about 73 Hallmark commercials, we decided that we would go to the Hallmark store in Bryson City. We stopped and shopped on Main St Sylva for a bit and then headed to Bryson. Hallmark had so many fun exciting things! I'm definitely going back closer to Christmas to find some fun gifts. Then we ate an early dinner and headed back to the apartment. Where we proceeded to have hot chocoloate, build a cozy fire, and watch more Hallmark movies. haha :0) And that is about the extent of our weekend. But I wouldn't take anything for it! Now to figure out whether we are going to to go to the UT v UK game!


  1. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Glad you had such a great time this weekend. Will Saturday evening at my house work? I was thinking some drop cloth photos would be fun. I would love a family portrate with a black backgroud and us all sitting having a good time. Sorry been reading alot of photography articals. Let me know!
    Love you!

  2. Ok, I can't find your emaal address. Mine is LDC_photography@yahoo.com, but in order to help you with your photos I need to know what your camera was set at? You need to be shooting in Manual and you need a long shutter speed or at least a few seconds. If your over exposed the you must not be metering correctly. Give me some details and i will explain it step by step for you.


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