Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Snow even before Halloween

As I walked outside to my car this morning, this is what I saw.....it was so exciting. As I drove up the mountain it got heavier and heavier. This is what I seen as I was driving through the Little Savannah area.
As most of you know, I am a huge Christmas fanatic. I love EVERYTHING about Christmas. Therefore, I usually start my Christmas decorating, planning, gathering, and gifting a little early. However, I do wait until the day after Thanksgiving to actually put the tree up. But come November 1st I am usually listening to Christmas music. Well, this morning I couldn't help myself. I had to listen to my 'Totally Jammin Christmas Tunes' playlist I have on my iPod. It only seemed right, because of the snow, and the chilliness of the day. I was wearing a tobboggan and scarf and it only seemed like the perfect thing to do. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. And I plan on doing it on the way back home. haha I've already started looking at the pattern for my Christmas cards as well. The week of Thanksgiving I will be buying new Christmas ornaments. I'm going with a new theme this year....so I am pumped! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

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  1. Anonymous11:05 AM

    I love that you posted this... Mom and dad got over 3 inches this morning in Cullowhee so I know Matt got some too. It is still coming down!!!! I can't wait for christmas either this year. I am all for you doing a photo shoot of us... just let me know when is best for you. Your schedule is much bussier than mine right now.
    Love you!


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