Friday, March 23, 2007

Seriously Disturbed

So every morning before I begin my day at the office, I check my email, catch up on reading my blog subscriptions, and check out "My Yahoo!" where I look at the newest pictures that seem to be the topic of "hot news."

For some reason, not sure why, (b/c I have been too weirded out to look up the article that spurred the picture) but there has been a picture of a Chinese woman's foot -- from years of foot binding.

Each morning, I secretly hope that the picture is no longer on my page, but each morning, there it is. Where Monday it was at the top of the list, today it is at the bottom. So there is hope that on Monday morning it will be a fleeting memory, for some that is.

I have no idea why, but every day (I mean every day) I find myself thinking of this woman's foot. When I do, I get a feeling of anxiety. It's like anything I do, for some odd reason, I can't keep it off my mind. It is horrible, from years of binding, her foot is completely deformed. If you aren't sure exactly what takes place in foot binding check out here.

Anyways, this poor lady's 4 smaller toes are on the bottom of her foot! In binding, they break the 4 small toes and then pull them towards the bottom of the foot. They also pull the middle of the foot upwards towards the ankle, making a serious arch. This woman's toes look like little pods on the bottom of her feet, along with a serious and painful looking, split in her foot right beside one of the toes, But anyways, I thought I would share this picture with all you, since is seems to haunt me even in my sleep (yes, I have dreamed about it this week.)

I don't know what is wrong with me.


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    ewwwwwwww that is so nasty!

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